Delhiites to be paid compensation by discoms for delay in restoration of power


Come September, Delhiites will be paid up to Rs 200 for delay in restoration of power with the city’s power regulator finalising the supply code and performance standards.

compensation discoms

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has finalised the Supply Code and Performance Standards Regulations, 2017. The regulations will come into effect from September 1 this year, said a DERC official.

According to the regulations, a compensation of Rs 10 per KW per hour for consumers having load upto 20 KW will be payable in case of delay in restoration of power, the official said.

The consumers, above 20 KW load, will have to file their compensation claims before the DERC, say the regulations.

The compensation will be tied to the performance standard of effort to restore the power supply. The standard for restoration of power supply will be 10 per cent (within 2 hours), more than 10 per cent and less than 20 per cent (within 3 hours) and more than 20 per cent (within 6 hours).

After the lapse of these given restoration standards, the compensation will be payable to the consumers.

A draft order for the procedure for implementation of these regulations has been issued and uploaded on the Commission’s website inviting comments and suggestions from stakeholders.

In case of power theft, the regulations make it mandatory for the distribution companies to provide a copy of the videography of the entire proceedings to the consumer along with a notice.

Reduction in number of days from 15 to seven in case of new connections, where no right of way permission is required, and mandatory online application for new connection for 50 KVA load, are other features of the regulations.


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