Communal tension grips central Delhi after fight over parking


A minor scuffle between two groups has caused communal tension to prevail in central Delhi’s Hauz Qazi area. Police have called for calm from both sides.

communal tension
Photo: National Herald

DCP Central Delhi issued a statement urging people to help them restore normalcy in the area. It said, “After some altercation &scuffle over a parking issue in Hauz Qazi, tension arose b/w two groups of people from different communities. We have taken legal action &all efforts are being made to pacify feelings &bring about amity. People are requested to help in restoring normalcy.”

Members of both religious communities have blamed each other for the violence in the area. A report by news agency PTI said that a video surfaced online showing a man allegedly being beaten up by some people, suspected to be drunk, over a parking issue. Soon, this turned into a full-blown battle between the two communities.

Later, another video emerged on social media, where users were alleging that their place of worship was vandalised by members of a certain community. The incident happened on Sunday at around 10 pm.

Police are looking into the matter and have tightened security in the area to ensure no untoward incident happens, added the PTI report.

Imams of the local masjids at Lal Kuan and elders, according to National Herald, have appealed to youth using mosque loudspeakers to disperse and maintain peace. However, the mischief mongers on both sides are trying to incite youth.


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