Committed to ensure clean drinking water via piped supply by December 2017: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said that his government was determined to ensure clean drinking water via piped supply by December 2017.

Speaking at an event to celebrate World Water Day with employees of the Delhi Jal Board at the Wazirabad Water Treatment Plant, Kejriwal said that his government will also be taking taking ‘giant strides to provide a proper sewage network for the city.’

The Delhi CM said that his first concern was also the welfare and happiness of every DJB employee, who he said had the responsibility of the basic water needs and happiness of the citizens of Delhi.’

Kejriwal later took to twitter to reiterate his point, “Remember we had to sometimes shut our water treatment plants becoz of high ammonia from Haryana. Today, DJB has installed an instrument which will remove ammonia and plants won’t be shut anymore. Proud of DJB. (sic)”

Accompanied by his Water Minister Kapil MIshra, Kejriwal also inaugurated an Ammonia Neutralisation Plant at the Wazirabad Water Treatment Plant and laid pipelines with the WTP; both of which are aimed at providing uninterrupted water supply without plants in Delhi having to shut down due to ammonia contaminated water.

A government statement said, “These are the stepping stones that will ensure that regardless of the water quality received from water sources for Delhi from Haryana, UP or Yamuna; there would be no affect on the lives of the ordinary citizens of Delhi.”



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