COVID-19 Lockdown impact: Man and stray dogs forced to share spilt milk in Agra


In a moving video, a man was seen to be sharing spilt milk in Agra with a group of stray dogs. The video, now gone viral, has come as a shining example of desperation faced by both human beings and animals during the national lockdown.

Lockdown impact

The video was shared by journalist Kamal Khan. While sharing the video, he wrote, “Lockdown Impact: Humans and animals started drinking milk together. Today, a milk tank overturned in Rambagh crossing in Agra. What happened next is for you to see.”

The area in question is in the close proximity of the famous Taj Mahal. In the video, a man could be seen desperately scooping milk from the road not far from a group of stray dogs drinking the same milk.

India is going through a 21-day lockdown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to announce a further extension on 14 April.

Meanwhile, 324 people have died after contracting coronavirus with more than 9,000 people being registered as active cases across India.

Modi was forced to announce a nationwide lockdown two months after the country registered its first COVID-19 positive case. He had faced widespread criticism for giving just four hours to implement the world’s largest-ever lockdown.



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