Class 9 student delivers baby in school washroom


In a shocking incident, a 13-year-old student of ninth standard delivered a baby in her school washroom.

The incident did not occur in any remote village of Telangana but in Madhapur in the information technology hub, housing many global IT giants.

The tribal girl developed labour pains during the class and she had no idea as what was happening. As she complained of stomach pain, the teacher who was taking the class asked her to go to the washroom.

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To utter shock of everybody, the girl delivered a baby girl in the washroom. The school authorities informed the parents, who too expressed ignorance as to how she became pregnant.

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Though the incident occurred on Saturday, it came to light on Monday. Both the girl and her daughter were in hospital and safe.

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Nobody among the 20 member school staff including 13 women teachers at Government High School Madhapur noticed that the girl was pregnant. The teachers said she used to cover the stomach with a scarf and while sitting on the bench, used to keep the bag in front of her.

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The girl’s parents were also shocked. They said they did not notice anything.

The district education officer has ordered a probe. However, nobody from the school is said to be involved.

After preliminary inquiry, police booked a case against a youth who used to accompany the girl to school. Dinesh is suspected to have made the girl pregnant.


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