Claims on women Hajj pilgrims: Prime Minister Narendra Modi ridiculed on social media


Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi astonishingly claimed that his government was responsible for relaxing the mahram (a family relative who the woman is never allowed to marry) rules for Indian women wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah, he became a butt of jokes on social media platforms.

Narendra Modi

Janta Ka Reporter had exposed the prime minister’s lies through a fact-check article.

Users were quick to highlight the prime minister’s lies with many pointing out that it was the Saudi Arabia, which had relaxed the rules.

Addressing Mann Ki Baat on Sunday, Modi had said, “Why this discrimination? And when I went into the depth of the matter I was surprised to find that even after 70 years of our independence, we were the ones who had imposed these restrictions. For decades, injustice was being rendered to Muslim women but there was no discussion on it.”

Where the prime minister can truly take credit for is if he is able to ensure that women even below the age of 45 can travel to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj and Umrah without having to be escorted by a mahram. But, the government and the prime minister know it well that they simply can’t do so unless the Saudi themselves relax the rules.

Here’s how social media users reacted to Modi’s lies;


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