Chitambaram breaks silence on Ishrat Jahan, rubbishes Pillai’s charges


Former Home Minister P Chitambaram has broken his silence on the former home secretary GK Pillai’s charges that the affidavit on Ishrat Jahan’s alleged fake encounter was changed.

He tweeted, “Why is the draft affidavit in the Ishrat Jahan case vetted by AG missing? It will show who drafted it, who vetted it and who approved it?”

He said that Pillai had changed his view because ‘in a free country, a person is entitled to change his view.’

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“This is a habit of all lawyers. Any lawyer would put a comma here and there or strike out a word. Then the file went back to the home secretary. The files passed the home secretary’s table at least three times. And now they say those papers are missing. To whose advantage has the vetted draft gone missing? I want the vetted draft.”

Chitambaram also asked to whose interest was it to say that the draft was missing? He said there was nothing to hide.

“I think the mystery has been unravelled now,” he said.



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