Chinese social media users ridicule new airport design likening it to female’s private part


When Beijing Airport’s Terminal 1 is completed in 2018, it will become the world’s largest airport with 45 million passengers expected to pass through the 700,000 square metre building every year.

The design of this airport was unveiled earlier this week and since then this has become of subject of ridicule on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo.

Many are now likening the new design by British Iraqi architect  late Zaha Hadid to a vagina.


As reported by Mail Online, comments have been flooding in about how it resembled the female body part ever since the photograph of a 3D model of the design was posted online this week by a prominent Chinese author.


Yang Jinlin posted the innocent image on his Weibo account, China’s equivalent of Twitter, on 11 April.

He wrote: “Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the design for the new Beijing Airport. Do you know the name of the designer?”

There were many who felt that the new design was to ‘seduce’ another iconic Chinese architecture, the People’s Daily building, which resembles private part of male.


User Da Hai Lan, questioned whether the design was intended to ‘seduce the People’s Daily building’, referring to how the structure resembled a penis when it was being built.

But there were those who felt that users were indulging in pointless and imaginary exercises. User Han Yue Ba Ba commented, “Obscene people see obscene things.”

Mail Online said it had sought reaction from Zaha Hadid Architects for comments to establish if indeed the female’s body part was the theme that drove him the late designer to come up with this design.


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