Chilling video shows UP ‘Don’ Khan Mubarak shooting at bottle on old man’s head


A shocking video showing a man in UP taking gun aim at a bottle placed on the head of an elderly man and then missing has gone viral on the Internet.

The local UP ‘don’ caught on camera has been identified as Khan Mubarak, who is the brother of gangster Zafar Supari Khan.

In the video, Khan Mubarak mercilessly beats local businessman Bazu Khan and then asks someone to put a bottle on his head. Fortunately, the bullet shot then taken misses the target, that is both the businessman’s head and the bottle.

“Put a bottle on his head, I want to try out my aim,” Khan Mubarak is heard saying in the video. He then turns to the elderly man and says, “If I miss, you are finished.”

The gangster is also heard abusing Bazu Khan and fixing some deal.

Interestingly, no report had been filed in this case after the incident before and later, Bazu Khan died under mysterious circumstances. Bazu Khan’s brother, Ansar spoke to the media saying, “We didn’t file a complaint because we are scared of them.”

“We can take action only if the family asks us to. Now, if the family files a complaint or if some other information comes to light, we will take action,” said senior policeman Pankaj Kumar.

Khan Mubarak and his brother Zafar Supari have many criminal cases registered against them in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh. Mubarak is presently serving a jail-term over a gang war case.

(Video courtesy: Aaj Tak)


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