Chilling video of man’s encounter with lion at Delhi zoo


A chilling video of a man’s encounter with an Asiatic lion at the Delhi zoo has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, a man is seen sitting face-to-face a lion inside the lion enclosure. Unfazed by the presence of the lion, the man is seen even lying down casually.

Delhi zoo

The man has been identified as 28-year-old Rehan Khan, who’s believed to be mentally unstable. Authorities were able to rescue him before tranquilising the giant animal.

It’s not clear how Khan ended up inside the lion enclosure at the Delhi zoo. Some reports said that the door of the enclosure was left open, allowing an easy entry for Khan.

Riyaz Ahmed Khan, PRO, National Zoological Park, was quoted by news agency ANI, “Rehan Khan jumped into lion’s enclosure, guards tried to stop him. He kept saying, ‘I’ve come to die, don’t rescue me.’ We all rushed to the spot, gave him a ladder but he did not listen. Then we tranquilised the lion & rescued him.”

Experts say that Khan was extremely lucky as the lion could have killed him within seconds. But, on this occasion, the animal did not attack him.


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