Chilling details emerge in 11-year-old girl’s gang-rape case in Chennai


More chillings details have emerged in the gang-rape case of an 11-year-old girl in Chennai after police arrest several people working for the sparsely occupied housing society in the Tamil Nadu capital.


According to latest reports, the first person to rape the girl with hearing disability, was the apartment’s 66-year-old lift operator Ravi Kumar. After he brutalised the girl sexually, he invited other security guards and other staff members of the society to join the act. The men would then film each other’s act.

The identified suspects, according to a report by Economic Times, are security guards Murugesh, 54, Palani, 40, Abishek, 23, Sugumaran, 60, Prakash, 58, and Umapathy, 42; elevator operators Ravi Kumar, Paramasivam, 60, Dheenadayalan, 50, Srinivasan, 45, and Babu, 36; plumbers Jaiganesh, 23, Raja, 32, Surya, 23, Suresh, 32; an electrician Jayaraman, 26; a housekeeping employee, Rajasekar, 40; and a gardener, Gunasekar, 55.

Quoting police, a report by Hindustan Times said that the lift operator first raped her after she returned from school and was cycling around the complex.  At least four those arrested have confessed to their crime, while the other two said they had only molested the victim.

As reported by Janta Ka Reporter on Tuesday, the victim, a class 7 student, was allegedly raped by around 15 people over a period of time at various places inside her apartment campus. The cops have arrested 17 men in connection with the case. Among those arrested are security guards, lift operator and water suppliers in the apartment where the minor girl lives.

The matter came to light after the victim started complaining about pain in her abdominal area. She narrated the sequence of incidents to her elder sister, who later brought this to the notice of their parents, following which a complaint was lodged on Monday, PTI quoted a senior police officer.

Meanwhile, a group of women residents have deployed themselves as security guards in view of the impending safety risk even as they decide whether to replace the existing security company.

“They used to smile, salute and we trusted them. Plumbers had free access to our homes. Now we are scared. They can knock us down anytime. Earlier, we concerned about danger lurking outside, now the danger is within,” NDTV quoted one resident as saying.

The girl, daughter of a north Indian businessman, was first raped on 15 January and was repeatedly brutalised till 5 July.



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