Aam Aadmi Party has not decided on Punjab CM candidate: Kejriwal


Aam Aadmi Party National Convener Arvind Kejriwal today said the party has not yet decided about its chief ministerial candidate in Punjab.

“We have not decided about the chief ministerial candidate in Punjab as the important issue right now is to liberate the common people from the clutches of Akalis”, Kejriwal said.

“I will now personally stay here and look after the elections process in the state. The common people of Punjab are going to win this time,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

chief ministerial candidate
Photo courtesy: dna

He alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lowered the significance of constitutional institutions set up under the provisions constitution of India and it is unhealthy for the future of largest democracy of the world.

“Modi has lowered the significance of constitutional institutions which is unhealthy for democracy,” he said.

Kejriwal claimed that the mood of the people of Punjab is predictable now and they are going to “uproot the corrupt” Akali and Congress from state.

“The model code of conduct will be announced in day or two then the people will come out in open in support of AAP.

The Badal family is using state machinery against common people to curb their voice so there are waiting for the right time to react,” he said in a statement here.


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