‘Chhoti Chhoti ghatna to rape happens even in London,’ how BJP leaders and Delhi cop reacted to gangrapes


On a day two children including one toddler were gangraped in Delhi, senior BJP leaders and a Delhi top cop, once again, did not miss an opportunity to embarrass themselves.

First statement came from the BJP leader, Shyam Jaju, who accused Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal of politicising ‘chhoti chhoti ghatna( small incidents).’

For Jaju, any attempts to highlight the instances of brutalities against women and children in Delhi was tantamount to playing politics.

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And if that wasn’t enough, Jaju’s colleagues in Karnataka, KS Eshwarappa had even bigger shocker in store

He told a reporter,

“If someone takes you, rapes you, what can opposition do?”

And just when we thought we had finsihed hearing all despicable and ludicrous statements from the BJP leaders in defence of a crime as heinous as gangraping of toddler, a top Delhi police officer just summed up why women safety remained a big issue for Delhiites.

Deepak Mishra(Special CP, law and order, Delhi) said,

“Be it London or US, rapes happen everywhere.”

The news of two girls aged 5 and 2 being gangraped had shocked the nation on Saturday.

Chief Minister Kejriwal asked the PM Narendra Modi to hand over the control of Delhi Police at least for year for him to be able to ‘improve the law and order in the capital.’

He’s also likely to meet the Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, on Sunday to discuss this issue.

Delhi police reports to the BJP government at the Centre through the Lieutenant Governor’s office. The safety of women in BJP ruled states has come under sharp scrutiny in recent years. In a recently published data by National Crime Records Bureau, Madhya Pradesh came on top with most number of rapes while another BJP ruled state Rajasthan was close second.

As for Delhi, where the police is under the control of Narendra Modi government, it registered the most number of rapes. Total number of rapes reported here was 2096 while the number of sexual offences committed under the IPS was 7849 in 2014.



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