Chetan Bhagat links Paris attacks to India’s intolerance debate, gets trolled on twitter


Writer Chetan Bhagat is no stranger to controversy. His critics often blame him for showing ‘utter lack of knowledge of the subject’ he comments about. Whether, his ‘insensitive’ tweet on the massacre of Gaza children or his explicit support for the saffron brigade, Bhagat invites wrath from his detractors every time he opens his mouth on political topics.

Bhagat’s latest tweet on Paris attacks has made him a villain on social media once again.

On Sunday he tweeted asking why Islam couldn’t be held responsible for the acts of a handful of terrorists, who caused a large-scale carnage in Paris on Friday. He asked if Islam was not responsible for the Paris attacks, why was India being branded intolerant country for a few ‘stray incidents.’

This tweet opened a Pandora’s box with the writer getting fervently trolled on social media. Leading the attack was journalist Mihir Sharma, whose tweet questioned Bhagat’s intellect despite having studied from reputed educational institutions.

The writer, whose support for the Hindutva ideology is now too well known, took objection to this tweet labeling it as a ‘personal attack.’ An exasperated Bhagat tweeted this;

Bhagat’s critics may find flaws in his latest tweet because he appears to compare a religion with the government. A religion has no power over how its followers wrongly use its teachings to cause violence, while the government has every power at its disposal to control lunatics causing hatred in the name of the ruling party’s political ideology.

Here is a snapshot of tweets on new controversy, caused by Chetan Bhagat on twitter.



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