‘Shame on you Jayalalitha’ social media outcry on pasting Amma stickers on donated relief materials


Chennai floods have left more than 300 people dead while millions continue to remain affected by the nature’s fury in one way or the other. The response from ordinary public and members of civil society has been nothing less than extraordinary.

But, the Tamil Nadu’s chief minister J Jayalalitha, has come under sharp criticism for her inability to do anything meaningful in taking a lead to provide relief to the affected people.

Worse, her party supporters, are now causing her utter shame by allegedly stopping the relief materials being transported for the affected people and pasting stickers with Jayalalitha’ s photo on the bags full of relief materials.

This has angered people who are now criticising the AIADMK chief for ‘shamelessly’ trying to extract political benefits even from this unprecedented human tragedy.

The topic has been dominating the conversations on social media platforms. The photos of AIAMDK supporters forcibly entering the warehouses, where relief materials sent by NGOs and donated by ordinary public are stored, to plaster them with Aamma’s portraits are being fervently shared on twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

User  posted a series of photos on Friday night.




Only a few days ago, a die-hard ‘disciple’ of Amma put up a billboard on a Chennai street displaying an imaginary photo of Jayalalitha braving the ravaging floods to save a newborn child. As expected, the photo went viral and the politicians earned wide condemnation.

Social media users are exasperated by such shenanigans and have been venting out their anger.

Here are some of the tweets on this subject;





  1. shame on this fat lady J jaylaitha, who is convicted still ruling like goddess, shame on peoples, who still votes for her. A blot to humanity


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