‘Chameleon’ TV editors will abandon Modi once wind start blowing against govt


Former Supreme Court Judge and ex Press Council of India chairman, Justice Markandey Katju has called many top level editors as ‘chameleons’ who ‘were earlier strongly anti-Modi’ but had ‘suddenly changed their colors and have become pro-Modi after he became PM.’

Justice Katju, who’s been vocal against the lack of ethics in Indian media, said that the same editors will abandon Modi if they felt the wind was blowing against the government.

He said, “When the wind will start blowing against the govt, then like chameleons these editors will shamelessly again quickly change their colors.”

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Justice Katju questioned the huge disparity on the pay between top editors and “95 percent journalists” who were being paid “pittance.”

He said, “The top media persons are paid huge packages of several crores per year and have acquired huge bungalows, cars and bank balances. One editor is alleged to have a farm house of Rs 50 crores and another is said to have recently bought a bungalow of Rs 52 crores.

“95% of journalists are paid a pittance as stringers etc ignoring recommendation of Majithia Commission which was upheld by SC.”

Indian media has often been accused of “crawling” before the current government when not even asked to bend. Many alleged that the most of TV channels willingly toed central government’s line either because of their ideological biases or they were simply being driven by commercial imperative.

Political parties in India particularly those in governments are known to spalsh money on media ads to highlight their achievements or woe the voters during elections. This is a huge source of income for TV channels and other media houses thereby causing ‘awkward’ situation for them to criticise the current government.


  1. I don’t think ANYBODY would buy this argument…….even AAPCongTards know deep inside that it is the media’s relentless war against everything Modi stands for that has slowed down overall progress…

    Even more than AAPCons, it is the media who is trying to tie the legs of this country’s progress….

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