Centre swings into action to rescue Bajrang Dal goon who beat, paraded Muslim man on street


The Bajrang Dal goon, who had paraded and beat up a Muslim man in Muzaffarnagar in June last year will soon be out because of the ‘urgent’ intervention by the Centre’s BJP government.

The district administration had slapped National Security Act against the Bajrang Dal leader, Vivek Premi, for his extraordinary act of violence. Since then Premi has been in jail.

But the central government has now decided to revoke the NSA instructing the state administration to ‘urgently’ consider releasing him from the jail.

Indian Expressed quoted the excerpts from the Home Ministry’s order,“After careful consideration of the representation, the Central government is pleased to revoke under section 14 (1) of the National Security Act, 1980. The detenu may be released forthwith from the jail unless he is required to be kept in jail for any other case. He may be tried in the cases registered under the normal law of the land and a watch may be kept on his activities.”

The order has been marked as ‘urgent.’

In June, jantakareporter.com had exclusively reported the barbaric acts of Premi publicly parading and thrashing the Muslim man through the markets of Shamli in Muzaffarnagar. His acts had earned him and his organisation global condemnation.

The Shamli district administration had invoked NSA against Premi in July and it was approved by the state government in the same month.

The UP Advisory Board, which takes the final call on confirmation or removal of NSA, had given its approval in August.

Premi then approached the MHA, now controlled by the BJP (which belongs to the same ideological family as that of Bajrang Dal) requesting that his detention under NSA be revoked.

As expected, the MHA has wasted no time in obliging the request of Bajrang Dal goon.

Shamli District Magistrate O P Verma said, “The MHA sent a radiogram revoking the NSA against Premi. I issued direction to jail authorities two days ago for his release.”


  1. This is justice under BJP rule, in effect fanatic hindutva groups ruling the country, the BJP is the face of it, all out to destory and tear appart the social fabric of the nation, while all of us can just watch and do nothing, this is the govt that the people of india have voted for. The govt that does not care for its minorities whether be muslims or christians or for that matter dalits is doomed to fail.

    • Not at all. India will be far better country without muslim population. Works very well for Japan. On the contrary if Islam share of population reaches above 30% the place will be unlivable for everyone else.

      Put a violent goon in jail or throw him under the bus I don’t care. But it is idiotic to apply NSA to a internal violence case.

      • India will be far better place without people who can never differentiate between the oppressor and the oppressed, such people fall flat to lies , deceipt by the perpetually lying politicans, that is why we have such crooks elected to the run this country. Revoking NSA to this character is idiotic and suspicious best. Please dont surmise you know nothing about islam.

        • when you can claim that we no NOTHING about islam, then how can be so sure that you know everything about BJP govt.?

          your selective secularism is nothing but Congresi Love!

        • You dont have to read Quran to know about Islam. Just read the headlines of Newsreport, you see Islam in action. As for example I will read out some of news in the last couple of days: Islamic State member excutes his mother in Syria on 8-1-2016; Philledelphia Police has been shot at brutally by a Muslim claiming that It is an Islamic act on8-1-2016; Saudi Arabi, which heads the UN Human Rights council beheads 57 people for being heretic (unIslamic);, the list goes one.

      • I agree with you. These Pseudo seculars have destroyed this Nation by inviting them in large nos, now we the actual inhabitant of this land are at risk -….when they go on rampage then OK…no one have the balls to stop them but when a Hindu Person does the same then everyone shall hit upon. Now see Germany what has happened…on New Year Eve…The Migrants who have been invited there to stay…assaulted German Women….They have no culture…if you want to know more about them read Bhavisya Puran…..You will get it

        • Tell urself if ur were the minority what would have passed upon you if tHe govt stops showing apathy and actually tries to employ and make these people resourceful then the storybwould be diff. On the point that migrants attacked women sir, most ra*** in india have been done by hindus and not these”minorities” whom u want to throw out

          • We know who does ri*** in India. Who don’t mind killing n which party is against the minorities.remember 1984 under your congress rule

        • actual inhabitants of this land? We all came from Africa… that is the actual land all humans can truly claim to be theirs… all other lands have been occupied by someone or the other…

        • Wipe out brahmin class from this land. India will be better place to live. If past justifies present action against Muslims as u justify, I use the same logic and doesn’t find anything wrong in that stand. They are just scums…..the curse of our land unless they realize don’t possess any merits over others.

        • Brother with respect I’m joining you and want to tell you that in India every generation came from other parts of the world be it Aryans or Dravidians.Although it is said that while Aryans invaded this beautiful land where we are living now it was already ruled by Dravidians and Dravidians had to face difficultis due to arrival of Aryans.Well it’s very very long history so better not going on that.And of course Aryans were new in comparison with Dravidians but Dravidians also came from other part of the world might be 100years ago or 200 or300 or thousand years ago but both of them came from other part of the world.And almost every country is having same case.
          So please don’t claim that we are the soul of this country and and others are deployed through parachute.
          Appreciate those who are having good deeds and condemn those who having bad deeds only this should be practised by each and every household of our contry.

      • It’s a pity to see people writing communal statements. If they want to control population they should implement family planning programs. Beating someone and then justifying it on Muslim population grounds is an example of a man without balls.

        • hahahah chutiya ki choot k baal! jab tere jaysi jhaaatu oladay khud ko bada super perfect smjhte ho to tum to bol lete Malda riots pe!

          and Pathankot main tumhare baap jo nanga naach dikha rhe thay wo?

          ISIS se tum apni ma bahan chudwate ho 72 hoors k liye bhosadi k aur aise bada Sikular pana dikhata hai! maderchod!

  2. They are dire need of leaders and the goons they have now have proved to be in effective. Naya admi naya hangama, Jab bajrangi bahar aa sakta hai hundreds ko maar kay, to isnay ek to mara woh bhi mara nahi. So compared to Kodnani or Bajrangi or Amit Shat the toad this guy is less evil. All we need to ask him is jail mein biwi banay ya pati.

  3. Actually the Modi government is run by the Hindu hard-core fitments like VHP, RSS, BUJRANG Dal and the so called communal Swami Saints like Shaksh Maharaj,Aditya NandRam Dev,Prachi and communal police ,and judiciary.Modi is only like a remote control in the hands of such people.The minority class like Muslims and Sikhs need not to expect the justice in these circumstances. It was the Modi Wave only which enabled the BJP to form the government at centre.It is the perfect truth that this is the last term of BJP at the capital of Delhi. …next time the cannon will definitely be diverted to some other party ….most probably AAP. It is the time to amend the ways of working for BJP and self analysis of the party high command. …I..SWAMI Agnivesh shantidoot ,pained to predict that the people of India have not got what they expected before the 2014 parliament elections…..and will change the present setup of government in the very near future.and the BJP has to face the public revolt if the culprits thrown behind the B aars are continue to be released on the communal grounds.

      • Mr Abhijit there is nothing like HINDU religion. People those who used to live on SINDHU RIVER were called SINDHUS and later on HINDUS. People living on the bank of Sindhu River were of different religions. So that way in whole India we can be called Hindu Budhists, Hindu Jains, Hindu Sikhs, Hindu Christians and HINDU MUSLIMS too. ‘Hindu’ in Indian origin is like a Last Name.
        So there is no sense of calling Hindu as a Religion and how can you call others a minority ?? Do you know how many upper , medium & lower casts people like you made in religions. People of all religions have equal rights on resources of India. Muslims in India are more then 16% and honestly we should give them and the rest can be devided as per statistics % of other religions.
        Hope you now be Indian and respect all religions of our country and co citizens and repect our constitution.

    • Agnivesh ji, are you still shanti doot ? even after you run around with those naxalites and work for such people who only make their living on Violence and Blood shed …

    • What did we get under congress rule of 47 years almostexcept corruption , partiality against majority , exploiting the weak n poor , etc. ???
      Whatever modi is doing is the best way to reply congress and people who have been against Hindus and peace in the country
      How many corrupt ncriminal ministers were thrown behind bars under congress rule???
      Whole world needs to tie up vd India now,thats just cz of our PM

  4. How long a person should be in Jail for beating a person ? Life Time ?What is this report is all about ? why dont you talk about those congress leaders absconding from the law for their crimes of killing several sikhs in 1984 even after those involved in 2002 are jailed…? Come on you are talking as if to implement sharia law from that bajrang dal guy to execute him for life for beating him on the road….Wake up guys be human…think rational…

    • ooh ,Rationality does it mean that as 86/02 riot protagonist are able to escape the law then every body got free hand to repeat the same ?

      • Pl read my answer again, it never meant that…pl dont twist the language…Then do you mean for beating a person this guy should languish in jail for life time ? or Justice should be done fairly ? what ever he deserves should be done… should he deserve to be under NSA which is for Anti National activities … Why in the first place NSA is used at all ? Then why this same government is not looking at all those moulvis who are actually talking all the nonsense against Indian state should not be brought under it ? Law should be equal to all… Does he deserve to be put under NSA at all in the first place ? he already served more than a year in Jail for Beating a person… What do you want a life time ? a hang by death ? come on, just be rational …

        • may be I,m miss understood u / these guys may be not a security threat and get the bail in future/but u see on the flip side, suddenly some of 13000 NGOs become security threat / In a country where financial criming reaching up to thousands and lakhs of crore Rs, there investigation agency knocking a persons door every often for a financial discrepancy of so said 2 crore Rs / is this rational ?

          • Pl read the FCRA act also before commenting on NGOs issue, those getting foreign funds under FCRA should spend them only to the purpose of them receiving it, whatever the purpose they declare only for that purpose it should be spent and also they cannot give any other NGO those funds except another one with FCRA registration etc…
            All those which were NGOs which were suspended of their FCRA registration not their society registrations…committed those frauds… hence the action was taken. If some NGO is receiving funds under some pretext and they are not spending that funds for that purpose then what do you think where these funds have gone ? There can be anything and some foreign bodies are involved in funding such activities.. which don’t have track of their expenditure at all… so do you expect the government not to take any action on such financial crimes and irregularities ?

          • I am not telling they are holly cow/ Where is no rationality to take action against this kind of financial irregularity ? Why big fishes are enjoying luxury yachts ?

          • Lol, parties like BJP commit less fruds than these NGOs? Joke of the century. Tell them to probe 1984. Plus, name one case where even BJP managed to prosecute a single congess leader? Even Kalmadi was from DMK. What right to make allegations do you have when you cannot probe it?

          • Tell them to probe 1984. Plus, name one case where even BJP managed to prosecute a single congess leader? Even Kalmadi was from DMK. What right to make allegations do you have when you cannot probe it?

          • Attacking NGOs is the silliest thing I have seen. The govt does nothing for the poor and the few that are doing also you want to kill. It is sad the path this country is taking.

  5. the muslim goons at malda & bihar and other places where they gather and destroy public and private properties including beating of police and people needs to be caged too…

    • Exactly! muslim would go Start sucking their own half cut Dick when islami dog start riot… but these Secular dog would start barking as soon someone from their Chutiya Religion get kick in the ass!

        • Usko to uska kiya mil raha hair. Apki bhi bari ayegi. That’s y people want a govt vch is minority friendly ONLY. so that they can do whatever they want and majority keeps suffering . ek bar majority me like bolne wale kya aye power me sabki fatne lagi. Intolerance we like sab much hone laga… This is what we as majority has faced throughout 47 years of congress rule.

  6. This is not good, It doesnt matter which fucking religion they belongs to. If a person committed crime he must be punished as per law. Religion is like sex and should be kept in home and the society should be matured enough to understand this fact. If the religion is kept to them personally and did not disturb others in any means then its there wish what they want to do. The problem with few religion fanatics is that they will follow few religious goons either gurus or imams or fathers etc., When people think individually and have tolerance to hear what other person say, have tolerance to marry other sex regardless of the religion or caste, have the tolerance to debate on any subject even though the person is not comfortable with, have placed humanity before hatred then i think we will have better society. Until we fight in the name of stupid religions will never become developed nation instead will become barbaric sooner or later.

    • We are already barbaric and we now have a govt that encourages it. I definitely don’t understand women who support this govt. Last time they were in power there was Ram Sene and what not. Women were outraged, did a pink chaddi campaign and then promptly vote them into power again.

  7. This has nothing to do with HINDUISM (No where in any Hindu scripture, it says to do these things, unlike Islam) . This is CLEARLY a reaction to the Islamic terrorism that’s going on in that region (Which in turn has roots to the Sharia in Quaran).

  8. pathetic in every sense. look the pic how one is dragging his human fellow one is beating him and public looking the drama…

  9. No 1. U appeasers only see the one side of the story. Why was the man beaten up is not mentioned. All we know is that the Bajrang Dal guy or a hindu trashed the living daylights off a “muslim” man.

    Well if u look into the story which happened in Shamli this happened because the “muslim” man was allegedly stealing a calf for you know what. He was caught and beaten up like any other thief. The Bajrang Dalis do not rampage the streets and burn police stations and kill the innocent if u thgt that was next to come. Now this kind of thrashing happens everywhere. Its not new. Just because its a matter of two people belonging to two different faiths u guys are irked.

    Why are you ashamed to call yourselves hindus?? See the difference between our knowledge and theirs. We have been more accepting than any majoritarian country could be. Today like the time Britishers came in have been made to believe that we are a pathetic race and a pathetic religion.

    You think these Sadhus want to fight. You think there is no reason why groups like RSS and Bajrang Dal sprang up?? Hinduism is all about seeking. If we were left alone to do that then today we would have reached this point.

    Look how the Parsis mingled with us. Did they try to dominate us? Did they try to instigate large crowds against us? Instead they prospered and are the top leading business men and influential people in our country. Who allowed them to thrive… it was our tolerance. It was our respect for them. They are indeed like sugar in milk.

    Look how the buddhists migrated to other parts of the world. They are a peaceful people everywhere they exist. Except in Myanmar where the Muslims have been fingering them to a point of dire frustration.

    The mindset of you appeasers has got so clogged that you fail to see that a nation whose majority are hindus have allowed every one from different faiths to come to our land and thrive. Every religion has had a chance to build their community in sizeable numbers.

    So what went wrong? Well u must see history for that and relate it to whats happening here today.

    Stop seeing the reaction. Get down to the grass root level. The muslims thrive on sympathy and then take advantage on ur face. In 2013 and before Owaisi from Hyderabad insulted Hindus by mocking the gods and especially Ram and his mother. The statements are so derogatory that if this was any other nation they would have destroyed the minority group.

    But nothing happened. Hindus didnt raise a finger. No police stations were burned. No property was destroyed.
    Now what happened in Malda was no different. Years of allowing the Bangladeshis into India created a mess in Assam and Bengal. They come in as rickshaw walas and slowly stake a claim on our land. They get ration cards and illegally live on our soil. We pay taxes for them. The numbers have risen to millions now. Do ur math.

    They have the nerve to pick up weapons and march onto the streets aided by their indian muslim groups and bring mayhem on the streets of Malda because One man got frustrated and lost his cool and said something against their prophet. The police couldnt do a thing. Instead they were mercilessly beaten.

    Owaisi challenges the hindus and tells that to ask the police to stay away for 15 minutes and they will show their might. He goes on to say that they can even take on the Indian army. I mean how ridiculous is this.

    And u appeasers are still blinded by ur secularistic mindset. Why does the world have a problem with muslims? Everywhere they are causing problems. In London Anjem Chaudhury, a resident of Britain but a hardcore muslim demands for a Sharia law. They have plans of converting the entire UK by 2030.

    They have some major underground plans. The biggest problem with this community is that most of them donnot care much for education. It is the lack of this factor that they are in this mess. They are a breed dedicated to assert their views on others.

    You call BJP and its allies a hoodlum right wing group. Well if they are then there is a reason. Instead of looking at them from a distance and having a blanket perception you should actually know them.
    The RSS are swayam sevaks of India. They are the first to reach whenever there is a natural calamity. How many Muslim league people come for help. None. The RSS helps in cleaning roads. They have never shown hatred to the minorities unless they are irked.

    Meet them. Know them. Then make judgements.

    They stand for a united country. They are nationalistic and bring India first. Being a hindu doesnt mean that u belong to a religion. Hindu only means an Indian. And a Hindu Rashtra means a land for Indians. Sanatana Dharma is the major religion of India. This is needed as many are divided in this country.

    Everywhere u see in our country people are looking for a new nation to make. The reason is that the Congress has destroyed our dreams. They are the reason why people have taken matter in their own hands.

    They want everyone to progress instead of asking for quotas and reservations. But unfortunately the system wont function without appeasing minorities.

    Hindus have no intention of forcing people to follow their faith. What u saw in Ghar wapasi was because things were going out of hand. Many muslims themselves felt the brunt of their religion. Hindus dont have evangelists going into homes or big crowd gatherings asking people to follow the path of Krishna. They dont tell them that Krishna is their saviour.

    Hindus are independent and keep the religion to themselves. Every house has a different tradition inspite of belonging to the same faith. This is what makes us accept each other. But if we will be fingered then we cant stay quite. Get your facts right before blatantly blaming Modi or the RSS.

    Yes I am proud to be a Hindu. Yes I am proud to be called a Bhakt. Because being this doesnt make me violent or hateful. Yes I understand diversity and accept it. Maybe you are not. Maybe u are just a pseudo secular. Maybe you are ashamed of calling yourself a Hindu Sanatana dharmi.

    I am not here to appeal people to fight against the Muslims. I am here to show how we have been misunderstood and taken advantage of since history. I am here to give you the picture. I am here to tell u to be strong and proud of your heritage and knowledge.

    Dont just have a associate hinduism with the caste system and end there. This casteism is a dyingtradition made by Brahmins who were insecure. It was not a part of the Vedas. In the Vedas it was a horizontal classification. Stating that you are living in a Karma based society. Which means if you fight for the nation u are a kshatriya and if u serve the nation then u are a Shudra, if u are a educationist and a researcher then u are a bhrahmin and if u are a business man then u are a Vaishya.

    But later people made it a Birth based society to preserve the knowledge. Thereby creating divide. But thats on the decline today as people are getting educated.

    Remember one thing Sanatana Dharma is an evolving religion. If changes need to be made then they will be. Sati was abolished. Untouchability was banned. Animal sacrifices was banned although some temples are slowly getting rid of this practice. There is now a bill for allowing women in Aiyyapa temple down south which is being fought hard. Therefore changes are accepted.

    Even Lord Rama stopped the practice of the horse sacrifice. But yet we are termed as an archaic religion and made fun of.

    Wake up and smell the coffee real hard.

    Jai hind

  10. The one and only way of justifying this case would be to parade this bajrang dal activist in the same way. The muslim man who has suffered should be handed with the horse whip and all the necessary equipment to vent out his anger! The ruling of the court is hypocrytic because the entire country is run by hindus (sic!). May allah save the ummah from this rule! Ameen..

  11. Just rulers are remembered forever, while oppressors always end up in the garbage bin of history, the BJP had a golden chance to change the bad legacy of congress and have completely lost it with their narrow, minuscule and myopic vision instead turning india into a fascist state.

  12. “Media revolution in india” what a joke. You got a very catchy headline mentioning bajrang dal, centre and muslim. Perfect mixture for todays scenarios. But then had you refrained from using muslim it would have been neutral reporting. Anyway you did not mention the events before and after the crime which was conducted. A calf (sacred to hindus-so not significant) was stolen by this muslim man (case withdrawn by state govt as he is peace loving and secular) and his 2 associated from a shed. He was caught beaten and handed over to the police i repeat handed over to the police. Well in every nook and corner of this country after a theif is caught it is the same everywhere catch the theif – beat him – hand over to police. So this “muslim man” got what every other theif would get. Police initially registerd a case of robery and creulty to animals then state govt withdrew the case.

    I am no supporter of voilence but then please dont try to divide and disturb the society with such reporting. You should also have mentioned the details of the story if you wanted to report news.

    NSA for beating a theif? Do you think that it was sense???

  13. Vivek Premi I am sure you believe in Karma and its matter of time it will catchup…/ shame on you to treat a fellow citizens like this. You are a good example for terrorist.

  14. what happened to the Hindus in PAKI place and in Bangla? At the time independence and now. All idiots will say only in India.

  15. They talk of Ram Rajya but never like truth and never be on the side of truth but always support such Ravans. They misuse HINDU religion for their motive. They are all Ravans and that’s the reason because of lots of such human scrap in BJP, RSS & Bajrangdal, people keep themselves away from HINDU religion.


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