Centre revokes President’s Rule in Uttarakhand


The central government led by the BJP has revoked President’s Rule in Uttarakhand.

The Supreme Court has asked the Centre to place on record of revoking the proclamation of President’s Rule, said Mukesh Giri, Special Counsel to Uttarakhand.

The decision came after Narendra Modi government on Wednesday conceded before the Supreme Court that Harish Rawat had indeed gained majority in the Uttarakhand assembly on Tuesday.


Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, according to ANI, told Supreme Court, “It has been proved Harish Rawat has got majority on the floor of house.”

He then added, ” We will revoke President’s Rule.”

The Supreme Court said that there was no irregularities in carrying out the trust vote in Uttarakhand assembly on Tuesday.

Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi was quoted by ANI, “They did their worst. We did our best. Democracy won in Uttarakhand. Hope Modiji learns his lesson. People of this country and institutions built by our founding fathers will not tolerate murder of democracy.”

Harish Rawat, whose government was controversially dismissed by the Centre’s BJP-led government, won majority in the assembly yesterday.

The results were given to the Supreme Court in a sealed envelope.

Rawat had received 33 votes and only 28, believed to also include one rebel Congress MLA, Rekha Arya, voted against him.

The Congress party had moved Uttarakhand High Court challenging President’s Rule in the hill state. The HC, while quashing the central government’s decision, had slammed the Centre for dismissing an elected government.

The Centre then moved to Supreme Court, which allowed the trust vote to take place after lifting the President’s Rule for two hours.

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Buoyed by the political victory, the Congress is now considering whether it should call for an early election in the State.


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