Censor board wants comments on effects of note ban removed from film on demonetisation


The Censor Board’s regional office has recommended six cuts for Bengali film “Shunyota” themed on the effects of demonetisation on the common man.

Confirming this, director Suvendu Ghosh told PTI, that the CBFC recommended six cuts in his film adding, “I will abide by that.”

censor board film demonetisation

Most of the suggested cuts included comments on demonetisation effects by principal characters like “death procession”, “big fishes” and some comments between a mother-daughter, which the Censor Board suggested to be deleted or kept mute with a beep.

The director said he was requested to visit the Board’s Kolkata office yesterday and informed about the developments.

“I have to accept what they say. I wish my work be finally seen by the general audience,” Suvendu said.

A CBFC spokesman said, “The Chairperson of CBFC has decided on the matter. The film has been cleared as per recommendations of the examining committee.”

The director said, “I understand after I put into effect the suggestions, we will be granted U/A certification.”

The poster design, post-production will be done afresh now and the film can be released accordingly, the producers said.

“Shunyota” is a full length feature film having merged three short films, two of which had been okayed by Censor earlier.


  1. …. And now, the effect of demonetization on the films… Any comment on note ban may attract cuts in the films. Censor board is ready to ‘ censor ‘ opinions on notebandi to minimise adverse impact


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