‘What CBI & Media would not like you to know about Delhi’s Principal Secretary, Rajendra Kumar’

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1. Rajendra Kumar comes from a modest middle class background. He did his schooling from a fully govt funded residential school named Netarhat School.

2. Rajendra subsequently went to IIT Kanpur from where he obtained a B. Tech. degree in electrical engineering before joining the IAS in 1989.

3. He along with 2 other IAS officers of AGMUT Cadre Vijay Kumar and Gitanjali G Kundra and Ashok Kumar were given the Prime Ministers Award for Excellence in Public Administration on April 21, 2008. Besides the computerization work done by him won the following awards.

a. Four National e- Governance awards (One of them for Caltoonz). No organization has achieved it in the country.

b. Indian Express Award for e Governance (Only three organisations get it in a year across the country.

c. Computer society of India award for e- Governance.

d. Study from IIM Ahmedabad thoroughly praised the manner in which the computerization was done on a shoestring budget.

4. It is remarkable that all the developments took place without hiring an outside agency, but hiring own teachers and part time programmers by paying just Rs 6000 to Rs 25,000.

5. The design of ERP was so farsighted and robust that the entire Education Department is still drawing salary for around 50,000 teachers online, taking mark-sheets, SLC, admission etc. of more than 18 Lakhs students, and all other routine works through the online ERP. It would be pertinent here to mention that after a lapse of 13 years, even today NO other Indian state has been able to achieve the level of computerization that was done at that time with minimal resources.

6. Ashish Joshi is a 1992 batch Indian Post and Telecommunication Finance Service (IP&TAFS) officer. He made a public statement that he was being humiliated and repatriated because he smoked cigar and chewed gutkha. Government of Delhi refuted this allegation and issued an extra ordinary explanation which can been seen here.

An extract from this explanation as reported by Indian Express is as below

“The Indian Express had reported on Saturday that the government, in a letter to the telecom secretary towards the end of April, forwarded a note sent by DDC vice-chairman Ashish Khetan to DDC chairman, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, which said that “on several occasions, he (Joshi) has been found smoking cigars and chewing tobacco within office premises. This was mentioned in the note written by the DDC vice-chairman to the chief minister but this was not a reason for Joshi’s repatriation. The reasons are far too serious,” a government official said.The government’s statement read, “The officer concerned is supposed to be aware of the conduct rules of service. There are clear instances of multiple violations of these rules by this officer, which have now been duly communicated to his parent cadre.”

Joshi takes this as a humiliation and holds Rajendra Kumar responsible for the same. His grudge against Rajendra Kumar was openly mentioned in his email to the chief secretary K K Sharma. The content of his email to the chief secretary of NCT Delhi can be seen here.

Mukesh Kumar Meena is an IPS Officer of 1989 batch in AGMUT Cadre. He was appointed by the Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung as Chief of ACB in Delhi by overruling the objections of the Delhi Govt and against the wishes of the Chief Minister Arvind Kejariwal.

His appointment is perceived as an effort by the central government to control and tame the anti-corruption body which AAP govt has been using as a tool against corruption and corrupt officers.

Ashish Joshi and Meena regularly go for a walk together in the park. Both of them have grudge against the Delhi government and decide to cooperate with each other in settling their scores with the Delhi govt.

Ashish Joshi, after his repatriation orders from the Delhi govt., files a complaint in Parliament Street Police Station, New Delhi in May 2015. This complain is more of a threat to Mr. Rajendra Kumar and Mr. Nagendra Sharma, the Media Advisor to the Delhi govt. than a complaint. The media reporting of the complaint can be seen here.

The summary of this complaint is as below.

a. A social activist Indu Prakash Singh files a complaint with the CM of Delhi against Ashish Joshi on April 4, 2015.

b. Ashish Joshi asks Rajendra Kumar to refute the allegations and accusations against him in the complaint of the social activist within 48 hours and threatens Kumar to file criminal complaints against him if he did not meet the demands of Joshi. The language used by Joshi in this complain against Kumar shows that he holds Kumar responsible for the complaint filed against Joshi by the social activist. The extract of the language from Ashish Joshi’s complaint about his communication to Kumar is as below.
“If an official refutation regarding the email sent by Indu Prakash Singh is not issued by you within 48 hours, I will be constrained to file an FIR against all, as the mail has pictures of Singh meeting the CM and Singh could not have issued the email without the involvement of senior officials and officials in the CM’s office”

c. Rajendra Kumar does not accede to the demands of Joshi

d. Joshi files this complaint against him in Parliament Street police Station.

There does not seem to be any action on the complain of Joshi by the Parliament Street police station. Joshi talks to Meena and Meena advises him to file a complaint against Rajendra Kumar with ACB after collecting some information about Rajendra Kumar and his working style. Joshi speaks to many people in the administrative circle whom he considers useful against Kumar and files the copied below complaint against Kumar with the ACB on 12 June 2015.

Meena tries his best to malign and implicate Rajendra Kumar on the basis of this complaint and also releases a copy of this complaint against Kumar to media. However, the officers under him tell him that there is no substance in the complaint and it would not be possible to implicate Kumar on the basis of this frivolous and bereft of facts complain.

Meena advises Joshi to submit his complaint to CBI and also to request ACB to transfer his complaint to CBI on the grounds that since ACB did not take any action on his complaint, he has already submitted his complaint to CBI and therefore ACB should transfer his complaint to CBI. This was done despite the fact that Meena had initially said in his press briefing, after he had made the complaint public, that the ACB was conducting an inquiry into Joshi’s complaint.

The true facts and substance as mentioned in Joshi’s complaint are as below.

1. Joshi says that he learnt about the corrupt practices of Kumar while implementing e-governance in DUSIB but does not say anything about how Kumar was related to DUSIB, or for that matter “Caltoonz” by Education Department or VAT or health Department.

2. He alleges that Rajendra Kumar has formed a company by the name of Endeavour Systems Pvt. Ltd. along with Ashok Kumar, Sandeep Kumar and Dinesh Kumar Gupta. On perusal of the records related to the Endeavour Systems Pvt. Ltd it can be clearly seen that neither Mr Rajendra kumar or Mr Ashok kumar or any of their even distant relatives is either a director or shareholder of the said company. In fact, none of them even share caste with Mr, Rajendra Kumar. It can be readily seen on ROC website of the ministry of company affairs (it can also be viewed here).

3. Ashok Kumar (Phone No. 95603*****), indeed worked for the Govt of Delhi and worked as the Project Manager for the Caltoonz Project. He has confirmed that he knew Rajendra Kumar since his school days and considered him his mentor, guru, guide and source of inspiration.

Both Rajendra Kumar and Ashok Kumar studied at the same residential school in Bihar. It seems all the alumni of this residential school, by the name of Netarhat School, have a very close and strong bonding with each other and they all keep meeting each other on various formal and informal social occasions. The school alumni has a number of senior bureaucrats, technocrats, professionals and civil servants serving the central and state govt across the country, having Four IAS officers only in Delhi Govt.

4. Ashok Kumar indeed resigned from the govt services in 2009 and joined hands with some of his very long time friends with whom he has been a friend since his school days and who have already been in private business for more than 20 years.

He confirms that he joined hands with his close and friendly seniors from his school days who had already been in business offering to contribute his experiences and skills to help the business grow. He continues to be a part of this business team. He further confirms that neither Rajendra Kumar nor any of his direct or indirect relatives (even distant relatives) are share-holder or director of a company or business that he (Ashok Kumar) is associated with as a Director, share-holder or in any other capacity.

5. Ashok Kumar had given a written statement to the media, when his name was first mentioned in the media after Meena had made Joshi’s complain public, that not a single penny from the Caltoonz project was diverted from its officially intended use, almost the entire amount went for payment of Honorarium to Govt school teachers, and part time multimedia artists, with little amount going towards purchase of computers.

6. Ashok Kumar and his partners, invited Sandeep Kumar and Dinesh Gupta in the year 2013 who have already been working in the field of IT services for the last 7 years to work on some joint project, nothing to do with the Government. The only relation between Ashok Kumar and Sandeep Kumar that can be established on the basis of facts on record is that they first came in contact with each other while working together on the same project in the department of education of the Delhi govt and kept in touch with each other ever since and once again joined hands to work together after a gap of 7 years when Ashok Kumar and his long time friends and partners decided to venture in the IT services company named Educity, which does not do business in the Government field.

7. A list of all the companies that Sandeep Kumar (DIN No. 00643605), Dinesh Kumar Gupta (DIN No. 00643666) or Ashok Kumar (DIN No. 03342412) are associated with has been checked with their DIN numbers. None of these companies have name of any other person as a director or shareholder who could be linked or related to Rajendra Kumar in anyway.

8. The allegation by Joshi that Mr, Rajendra Kumar got Endeavour Systems Pvt. Ltd. empanelled with ICSIL is also impossible since any Department head of Delhi Govt. other than DSIIDC chairman does not control ICSIL, the Chairman of which is ex post facto chairman of ICSIL, and Rajendra kumar was never posted with DSIIDC. The list of empanelled vendors with ICSIL available on their website (http://icsil.in/wp-cont…/uploads/…/01/Vendor-Empanelment.pdf) does not contain the name of Endeavour Systems or any other similar name although it has the name of 77 other empanelled vendors.

9. Sandeep Kumar has confirmed that his company Endeavour Systems had done a very small business with ICSIL, and till date would not have got payment of more than Rs. 5 to 6 crores in 5 years. So the amount of Rs. 50 crores in the allegation remains far-fetched. He further says that all software projects were given through open tender, other than manpower supply, for which NICSI (Govt. of India Company) benchmark was used, because quality manpower or programmers cannot be chosen through tenders. Sandeep also confirms that the total business done for these Delhi Govt. entities during the entire business life of Enveavour Systems of 9 years has not been more than 9.5 crore in contrast to the allegation of the irregularity of 50 crore in the complaint of Joshi. In any case, the processes adopted by a Government company is none of the business of a private company.
10. The Pixel Infotech mentioned in the complain was incorporated on 30 June 2004.

The company is defunct since 2010. It indeed had the name of Pratibha Sahay having DIN Number 00126922 as one of its directors appointed on 10th January 2010. This company is registered at the same address that some of the companies, of which Ashok Kumar is a director of, is registered at.

This address happens to be the office address of the regular CA and Auditor of the companies that Ashok Kumar is a Director of. The CA, Mr. U K Sinha, has confirmed that Pratibha Sahay, having DIN Number 00126922 who was the director of Pixel Infotech Private Limited, is his wife and is also the director of Winklix Internet Private Limited and The Best Institute of Accounting and Taxation Pvt. Ltd.

He has further said that he or his wife Pratibha Sahay have absolutely no relation with Mr. Rajendra Kumar or his wife Nandini Sahay except that they both have “Sahay” as their surnames. Besides, The named Pixel infotech has not done any business in its life other than doing some business in cements worth around Rs 12 lakhs, absolutely nothing to do with Government.

11. There is no source or lead mentioned in the complaint which, upon preliminary investigation, can give rise to even some degree of doubt or suspicion on Mr. Rajendra Kumar.

12. Last but not the least the 2 largest projects bagged by the company worth around 2-3 crores are ERP for VAT and DJB. None of them were awarded during the tenure of Mr. Rajendra Kumar.

a. Moreover for DJB project, the NSDL(National Securities depository limited) estimated a cost of Rs. 20 crores, which was taken by Endeavour for Rs. 2.19 Crores (One tenth the cost).

b. Even in the VAT project, Rs. 12 crores was surrendered by the VAT department out of already estimated and sanctioned amount by Govt. of India Mission mode project under NEGP (National E Governance programe) as the work was done in only around 2 crores, way below the estimate of more than Rs 14 Crores. In fact Companies have charged more amount for preparing the RFP in other states.

The author of this blog is an executive in a private firm and went to same school, where Rajendra Kumar studied as his senior. Views expressed here are his own.


  1. Wow, this is probably the most well researched and through article and defence of Mr. Kumar that I have ever seen, well done to the author and thank you for sharing the information. CBI should see this article.

  2. This is how things work in India. If a bureaucrat works honestly and doesn’t co-operate in corruption and vendetta politics, he is immediately implicated in one case or the other. Ashok Khemka himself is an example and now Rajendra seems to have joined it. God save this country

  3. Thanks for this exhaustive article. I am waiting for CBI to come up with a credible FIR against Rajender.

    Meanwhile, I hope someone can dig up dirt about Ashish Joshi and see to it it he faces the brunt of law.

  4. बहुत ही बढ़िया जानकारी दी है इस लेख के माध्यम से । इस लेख ने बता दिया है की भारत में जो अच्छा काम करता है तो उसके आसपास वाले उसे हमेशा परेशान करना चाहते है….ख़ैर अभी जाँच चल रही है तो कुछ भी कहना गलत होगा….सच की जीत होगी ।

  5. The first complaint against Mr Rajinder Kumar for graft, corruption issues and disproportionate assets was made by Transparency International in May 2015. Then in June 2015 a complaint was filed by another Delhi IAS officer Mr Joshi. Clearly all these guys are not working for GOI, especially Transparency International ! Still Arvind Kejriwal persisted with Mr Kumar as Principal Secretary. And now the ferocious manner in which Mr Kejriwal is defending Mr Kumar going to the extent of calling the PM coward and psychopath looks like both CM and secretary have something to hide…

    Being from middle class background or studying in IIT is no guarantee of good character as this article wants to suggest !


      • What about Transparency International complaint and Yogendra Yadav’s account?
        They too were bought by Modi and AJ?
        Go and watch NDTV debate in which Ashish Khetan just barked like a dog on YY.
        Commensurate stupidity of rabid like AAP.

        If everything is so plain why Kujli abused PM? Was he in his senses? In less than 12 hours he shifted to AJ and now re-tweeting old stuff.
        Delhi voters sold themselves for free current and water. Shame on them.

        • Righteously Khetan shouted back at Arbnab Goswami the rotter, who always barks in favour of BJP..Its good Arnab was out-barked and SHUT UP. Fool doesn’t know what is anchoring. He is a propaganda Anchor AgeNT OF BJP. Rotter justified 45 days bjp blocking Parliament during UPA. and now the scoundrel is criticizing Cong for stalling. TO HELL WITH THAT ROTTER GOSWMI.


      • Going by the details furnished in this article by the author (which can be verified) it looks obvious that Mr. Rajendra Kumar has become a victim conspiracy of his rivals Meena and Joshi who have a better rapport with the Govt. at Centre which aims to cripple Arvind Kejriwal in all possible manners. The academic and service track records Rajendra Kumar do not suggest that he could choose to be a corrupt officer. If he was corruptible, his total savings would not have been found to be mere 30 lakhs in a service span of 27 years but it would be running into several dozens of crores. besides a couple of immovable assets. He has achieved substantial saving of govt. fund in the several projects handled by him in stead of escalations, as is the practice of corrupt organisations. He lives a disciplined and modest life contrary to those who are corrupt leading a lavish lifestyle (Yadav Singh of UP fame is a recent example).
        Let us hope, the CBI investigates the case without any bias and does not succumb to pressure from top to ensure that an honest officer does not become victim of a conspiracy.

  6. The status as it seems:
    Joshi is successful in harassing Rajendra Kumar & Kejriwal. His motive appears to be getting happiness in teaching lessons to persons who by their action (may be rightful) harms his interests.
    CBI: CBI is supposed to raid any person after satisfying themselves by a preliminary inquiry that prima facie the person is corrupt but Rajendra Kumar is not. Yet CBI raided. Since Rajendra Kumar is honest, CBI will not be able to find any major issue. So CBI will start inquiring minor issues and pass time. CBI will never say that Rajendra Kumar is honest. As that raises question on CBI that why at the first place they went to raid Rajendra Kumar without proper preliminary inquiry. So happiness of Rajendra Kumar is gone. He will not be given clean chit by CBI till some God father helps. Kejriwal is in no position to help. General public is only onlooker, they will say truth will prevail and wait. Court will say let CBI submit final report (that CBI will never do if they fail to find tangible issue or till some God father tells). Governer and BJP do not appear to have liking for Rajendra Kumar due to Kejriwal so they will not do any favour. So Joshi is successful.
    Now what: This is India. A person who works properly & right is harassed. A person who works to please authority is successful. Keeping right connections in India is important. That means allow man in power to go on doing what he feels is right. That means don’t act against those people also who can otherwise harm you (like Joshi). Now see who are rising to power in India. Those who follow above. Presently Very few exceptions are there, like Kejriwal & PM-Modi. But system is not allowing these people to work right quickly.
    Way Out: Kejriwal & PM-Modi shall continue doing good work. Apart from doing good work they should devote more time to change general person’s mindset to work and act right. PM-Modi to give ONLY 1 month to CBI to either bring charge which should appear serious to PM-Modi else give clean chit. NO EXCUSES beyond that.

    • what good work has modi done…all talk bullshi no action no results mon key baath one side talks all he knows to do.He is sinking and on his way out…wait n see his sinking in WB, PUNJAB, HARYANA, – don’t forget he’s lost his mass rural base, in Gujrat elections recently….only Ahm Sur, Raj , LOST Bar…which hallucinating world are U in Seema?

      • I am not advocating for PM Modi. My main concern is biased action by CBI and what so ever efforts are made there do not appear any way out for Rajendra Kumar. He can only be saved either by PM-Modi or by a nation vide movement against BJP (who says something but works like congress only). I think we all have to start a movement to change mind set of people of India to work right, no cheating, support each other, oppose cheaters/wrong doers unitedly. Start a movement that all Indian people shall oppose corrupt practice seen anywhere in office, in bazar, or on street, every where. A movement can only make India a vibrant nation in time to come and save people like Rajendra Kumar.

        • Seema, Law enforcement bodies like Police, CBI, ACB, ED, IT, HAVE FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL BEEN THE TOOLS OF POLITICAL CHICANERY. I term this
          POLLUNATICANS…..WHO use these bodies to coerce, arm-twist and harass opponents when fund inconvenient to RATIONALIZE with. Bjp is another rotten Party, who screamed bue murder when CONG misused cbi et al, and now these same HYPOCRITES DOE THE SAME INJUSTICES…..see the harassment by Delhi Police on AAP MLAs, shameless modi Govt ‘s Smriti Irani gave false information in affidavits to Election Commissioner- declaring herself – once BA then BCom…she later has the temerity in apress conference to CLAIM THAT SHE HAS A YALE MANAGEMENT DEGREE….when it was just a Week=5 days Yale University Seminar on some subject where she was a Guest Invitee. She was not arrested in a humiliating manner-she was not even arrested but an AAP MLA, was done so, for false Law degree accusation which after lot of harassment and verification WAS GENUINE..ROTTEN ARE THESE POLITICAL SCOUNDRELS-ROGUES WHO ARE THEMSELVES CROOKED AND CAST FALSE ASPERSIONS ON OTHER CLEAN PEOPLE…THIS IS HAS BEEN A SPECIALITY OF MODI GOVT. OF BJP, WHICH IS FAST SLIDING DOWN THE DRAIN AND WILL MAKE BJP A PARIAH IN POLITICS SHUNNED LIKE LEPERS LIKE BEFORE……NOW COMING TO YOUR POINT OF CONCERN…..Anna Hazare & Kejriwal wanted a Janlokpal Bill for Centre as CENTRE IS AN ALL PERVADING POWER-CENTRE affecting all States in the Country. That such WATCHDOG BODIES BE OUT OF THE CONTROL OF THE CENTRE FREE FROM MISUSEWITH ADEQUATE AUTONOMY AND SUFFICIENT RESTRAINTS THAT FREEDOM & POWER DOES NOT MAKE THE DRUNK to the detriment of the people. With shameless resistance from CONG & BJP a waterdowned LOKPAL BILL WAS PASSED UNDER SATYAGRAHA-FASTING THREAT BY ANNA. HAS ANY LOKPAL BEEN APPOINTED BY CONG. EVERSINCE….NO. BY MODI GIVT SINCE LAST 20 MONTHS? NO. Even a Jokepal Bill with Centre having 3-2 majority fixed Panel to choose a LOKPAL has not induced them to appoint a manipulated LOKPAL……….On the contrary, AAP in first stint forced on it by promises to back AAP Manifesto in toto- 18 clauses including STRINGENT JANLOKPAL BILL BY BJP & CONG…LATTER GAVE IT IN WRITING TOO, TO THE LG. WHAT DID THE CONG SCOUNDRELS DO? THEY TURNED TREACHEROUS & JOINED HANDS WITH BJP SHAMELESS LIKE GUTTER-RATS….TO FAIL THE JANLOKPAL BILL WHEN TABLED IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. ……..In this stint with 67 AAP SEATS, NO ONE ON EARTH COULD STOP KEJRIWAL GOVT. FROM TABLING IT & PASSING IT & SENT TO MHA- Central Modi Govt.. This Janlokpal had 3 against the Govt…but since anna hazare suggested adding one more Judge and an ILLUSTRIOUS PRIVATE CITIZEN OF ACKNOWLEDGED & IMPECCABLE INDEPENDENT AND IMPARTIAL TRACK RECORD….HAS ALSO BEEN ACCOMODATED AS AS INTENTIONS OF AAP HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PURE AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SO…………………………………………Presently nothing much can be done except publicizing all the dirty unconstitutional doings of the Bjp Modi Govt….to ensure people never ever vote Bjp ever again for their total misgovernance, zero development and distractions with HYPOCRITICAL HINDUTWA AGENDAS THAT ARE TREACHEROUS TO EVEN THEIR GOD RAM AND HIS TEACHINGS….BJP SPECIALIZES IN LYING LIKE THEY ARE PSYCHOTIC, & constantly whitewashing themselves as doing brilliant and astounding development when they are only HALLUCINATING. NEXT ELECTIONS I predict a massive tsunami washout of BJP never again to see power for a century……………………….. There may be a Hung Parliament with COALITION NEW-INDIA COALITION WITH JDU EMERGING POWERFUL IN COMBINATION WITH AAP WITH INFLUENCING NUMBER OF SEATS OF 80-90 IN PARLIAMENT, AND TMC, NORTH EASTERN STATES, SEEMANDHRA, TELENGANA, AND FEW MORE SURPRISE CHANGE-OF-HEART STATES JOINING IN. BJP & CONG WILL BOTH BE SIDELINED WITH NOT MORE THAN 25- 30 SEATS EACH IN 2019. MARK MY WORDS…KEEP A COPY OF THIS NOTE FOR REFERENCE IN POSTERITY OF 2019 All the best till then. Keep your chin up.

          • No doubt BJP is digging its own grave. But should we only wait and see BJP to go on doing wrongs. What any sensible Indian should do now ? Should he only Vote once in 5 years and then talk with each other like we are doing today through twitter, News channel etc for another 5 years. Time is precious, there appears an urgent need to raise Indian people to work right, to do right, oppose cheaters, bribe seekers everywhere and make this country a place to live happily and supporting each other. Many people in India must be wanting this but there do not appear any headway to attain such. What line of action you perceive apart from waiting up to next election and God forbid if congress comes, another 5 years will go. I feel some positive action should start now.

          • Seema, a very complex situation exists. No ram-baan solutions in sight.If you have some ideas, welcome to throw them open for consideration, it could be a seed to many offshoot options growing into solutions. EVEN i AM FEELING SUFFOCATED, WITH A FEW YEARS LEFT IN MY TWILIGHT LIFE- BEING 72….WAS & AM STILL HOPING DESPERATELY AGAINST ALL ODDS FOR AAP FUTURE FOR INDIA…..but, Modi Govt can’t be shaken as he is holding all the cards – we only can highlight and expse and make sure PM Modi daren’t misuse powers beyond small means. AAP in Delhi IS BECOMING THE PRACTICAL MODEL FOR ALL OTHER STATES TO FOLLOW PRACTICAL EXAMPLE OF GOVERNANCE RESULTS. Nitish Kumar & Lalloo pRASAD HAVE ALREADY TAKEN kEJRIWAL’S PAGE IN THEIR TURNING A NEW LEAF IN THEIR NEW INNINGS. ONCE WE GET PUNJAB, HARYANA AND HIMACHAL AND A COUPLE OF OTHER SMALL STATES , THEREAFTER THE ACCELERATION OF AAP FROWTH WILL BE IN 3 RD GEAR….IS AS I HOPE TO FORSEE

          • PM-Modi has already misused powers, few such are-

            1. He / BJP is not allowing Kejriwal to work. Effectively not allowing improvements in life of the Delhi People which otherwise any good governance could have brought.

            2. allowed suspension of Kirti Azad who spoke against corruption/ ineffective working of a DDCA head.

            3. Supported people of the party for wrong cause – Vasundhara Raje & now Jaitley.

            4. Not paying heed to experienced elders of the BJP family, trying to make one man show, the result is loosing elections one by one.

            Aap is bogged down in Delhi. That is what BJP and Congress want. They want that AAP should remain busy on one or other issues of Delhi. No doubt Delhi has to be governed effectively. But that should be done by one wing of AAp. It can be overseen regularly (not daily). Certain guidelines and targets can be given and those can be monitored and helped as time progresses.

            AAP should not think governing Delhi is their only work. AAP’s main job shall be to work on issues that make people in India live happily. Raise Indian people to work
            right, to do right, oppose cheaters, bribe seekers everywhere and make India a place to live happily with people supporting each other. Other wing of AAP should concentrate in other States. May be a man like Anna Hazare has to rise in AAP for above. AAP should not think of winning elections alone. So AAp shall not wait for 5 years. If AAP starts thinking and working for making people of India as stated above, the positive election results will come automatically.
            Apart from above bigger action, what you feel that what common man like us do at our level that people of our country becomes more effective in improving the system and surroundings and oppose or express opposition for all wrong doings of man in power.

          • All points raised by you are relevant, but impractical in the sense that…..Where will the money come from -AAP doesn’t thrive on Funds from Corporates who extract their pound of flesh…our donations are peoples that to limited. People in Delhi can’t fund for other States…es]ach State people have to raise funds for themselves….which are all in different state of backing for AAP. ….YOU SAY NOT TO CONCENTRATE ON ELECTIONS- WRONG.ONLY IF YOU WIN A GOVT. IN A STATE, THE FINANCES ARISING FROM VARIOUS TAX COLLECTIONS FROM PEOPLE CAN BE FULLY UTILIZED FOR THEIR BENEFITS…NO DONATIONS FROM CORPORATES REQUIRED, AND THUS NO CORRUPT DEMANDS IN EXCHANGE. Get the point? Win a State, you win right to spend peoples funds rightly otherwise where will funds come from to fulfill ideals in all States? To that extent your thinking is impractical…..

          • Money does not come first. When some works are done and people realize that this group is working for their benefit then only donations/subscriptions are possible. Anna Hazare’s movement at very initial stage did not wait for money. When people started realizing its purpose money came. Kejriwal became national figure. People got confidence. Thus AAP formed and money came too. Work in other States have to start else it will be late. If efforts are made people can be connected in large scale on several mobile apps also to start with. There should be some person (like Anna Hazare ) and some issue along with that it needs to be inculculated within people of India to
            work right, to do right, oppose cheaters, bribe seekers everywhere and make
            India a place to live happily with every Indian making it a habit to support each other.
            Else we will go on watching biased news reporting on channels, people and parties opposing for personal gains etc. These things will never change unless a start is made.

    • Modi id doing nothing and is highly incapable. His Gujarat Model is all hype and nothing more. He ruled Gujarat with na iron fist and bullying and bulldozing….haven’t you seen that that is huge rural upheaval that has thrown ANANDIBEN AND MODI? Except for Main Cities Municipalities won by bare majority they have lot everything to CONGRESS WHICH WAS PRELIMINARY PARTY OF GUJARAT.Modi’s ham handed approach has got him alienated from Bureaucrats, and he has vry little VISION, and capacity to handle national affairs. Kejriwal is in fact doing a fantastic job in spite of modi arranging his progress obstructed at every turn.So don’t compare Modi with Kejriwal. not by a long long mile long shot.

  7. Writer is biased. When he is talking about students of neterhat, he is saying they all have regular contact with each other but when he mentions about mr.meena and Mr . Joshi , he is showing them as conspirators because they also share park for daily morning walk

  8. As the title suggests, may be there are things about this man, that may not have been reported by the media. None of us have first hand information about what is being reported on either by this website or the media. What I feel is just by considering that he was educated in IIT, and he has done all the good deeds mentioned above. Does not mean he may not have committed crimes or broken the laws. Take the example of Satyam scandal, what I am saying here is we need to look at the case in hand. Let the investigating agencies frame the charges and prove it in court. After all, we all are checked/frisked at the airport just because a few among us may have evil intension. So I think the may rule should apply.

  9. A good article with facts, figures, references and clues detailed by the author which must be used to prepare a defence by some close associate/well-wisher of Rajendra Kumar who himself must be in a state of utter mental turmoil and humiliation, as is the case with all honest persons. Those who are truly dishonest are always bold and well-spirited, enjoy the favour of their superiors and plan their loot systematically and carefully and have always a god-father to protect. In case of honest persons, all dishonest persons combine together to bring the target to the ground.
    Such a situation may be confronted by any honest IAS, IFS, IPS or other Deptt. Officers in course of their service career. Let us hope, the ACB and CBI Officers will keep this fact in view and remain impartial, bold and undaunted by malafide pressures from above while investigating the cases.

  10. What is the use of all these details? Ultimately Ashish Joshi kind of evil forces are winning no? Such an accomplished officer like Rajendra Kumar are being victimised for no fault of him. I’m disgusted with the political system of this country. It is really demoralising to honest officers who want to make a positive impact in the administration.

  11. The research done for this article is unprecedented. There are many more genuine cases of pure vendetta but nobody makes such a thorough research to defend those persons…let the investigating agency do its work as the media usually says in most of the cases “this makes out a case for investigation and accused persons should be
    arrested immediately “..Seems more to be a paid news

  12. Going by the details furnished in this well-written article by the author (which can be verified as indicated by him through hyperlinks) it looks obvious that Mr. Rajendra Kumar has fallen victim to a conspiracy of his rivals Meena and Joshi who have a better rapport with the Govt. at Centre which already is aiming to cripple Arvind Kejriwal in all possible manners. Rajendra Kumar completed his school-level education at Netrahat Sainik Boarding School which is known for character-building of its students besides imparting quality education and most of its products have excelled in various disciplines of higher academics, reaching high positions in all types of jobs in India and across the globe. The academic and service track records of Rajendra Kumar do not suggest that he could choose to be a corrupt officer. If he was corruptible, his total savings would not have been found to be mere 30 lakhs of rupees in a service span of 27 years but it would be running into several dozens of crores, besides a couple of immovable assets of high value. He has achieved substantial savings of govt. funds in the several projects handled by him in stead of causing escalations, as is the normal practice of corrupt officers and organisations. He lives a disciplined and modest life contrary to those who are corrupt, leading a lavish lifestyle (Yadav Singh of UP fame is a recent living example).
    Let us hope, the CBI investigates the case without any bias or misgivings and does not succumb to pressures from top to ensure that an honest officer does not become victim of a conspiracy.

  13. After reading everything what the blogger wished to do, it is not clear why AAP government is hell bent in defending a person for charges of corruption done much before the advent of AAP itself. The charges are in the tenure of Shiela Dixit whose AK has been a bitter critic. It it is so that AK wants to stand beside his selection means his appointed PC, then we must remember all those persons whom AK had strongly defended and ultimately they had been jailed not always on vendetta politics. So should we assume that Rajendra Kumar going to meet same fate as Jitendra Tomar and likes. The author emphasises the fact that Rajendra was an alumni of Netarhat, the premier institute of Bihar/ Jharkhand as if the aluminum if premiere institutes are immunised of corruption. Whatever else the blogger says never established the fact that he was not involved in corruption. People saying here about vendetta have conveniently forgotten about Ashish Joshi who was removed on flimsy grounds by another Ashish Khaitan. How can anyone support a person like AK who is now infamous for his double standards . The blogger has openly supported AK against central government as such his credibility is doubtful.


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