Complaints of ATMs forgery in Delhi, Mumbai residents forced to suffer due to cashless ATMs


As many as 35 people have lodged complaints at northwest Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar Police Station that money has been withdrawn from their accounts from ATMs different places outside the national capital.

It is suspected to be a case of ATM card cloning, police said.

Those people who withdrew money from an SBI ATM in Dhaka village on April 2 complained that in the last few days, money has been withdrawn from their accounts through ATMs in various places outside Delhi, a senior police officer said.

Skimmers and pinhole cameras have been used to get details of ATM cards. CCTV footage from the ATM has been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), he said.

Many students, who are either preparing for entrance exams or pursuing higher studies, stay in that area and they have lost lakhs of rupees due to this ATM cloning incident, the officer said.

Elsewhere, in Mumbai, customers continued to complain of having no access to cash in their ATMs.

A report by Indian Express said that several customers who went to ATMs in Kerala, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Cuttack in the last ten days had faced dry ATMs.

KA Viswanathan, an educationist told the paper, “I visited the ATMs of at least seven banks in the Matunga area on Monday but there was no money anywhere. Today I went to Wadala but all the ATMs were closed. In some places, ATMs are dispensing Rs 2,000 notes. There is an acute shortage of Rs 500 and Rs 100 notes.”

The new shortages of cash come more than five months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation scheme making Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 illegal. The note ban announcement had caused huge cash crisis last year, causing deaths of nearly 200 people.

However, the central government had denied that all deaths were due to demonetisation related stress.

On the recent cash crisis in Mumbai and other parts of India, hapless customers posted their woes on social media platforms.

Here are some them;

Geet Varun: Soon India Will be the➡Only Country in the World, Without ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards
Welcome to FekuLand​

Neeta Kolhatkar: ATMs wt NO money NOT of concern to diyar PM & FM. instead these are wanting to control how much we eat, what we eat & drink. chu sulphates

Pakchikpak Raja Babu: Like EVMs, even ATMs are tampered, no matter what amount I enter & press withdraw, it shows, “bhai paise bhi hone chahiye nikaalne ke liye”.

Arvind Dubey: once again we are suffering from no cash at ATMs all over mumbai. What is going on?

St Sinner: No cash in most of Mumbai ATMs.

GB Rajasekar: In Chembur Mumbai. visited over 10 atms of diff banks and unable withdraw cash. is it only here. pls share ur experience

Devika Purab: ATMs in most parts of Mumbai n suburbs r hvng no cash since 31st march…ppl facing problem with withdrawing monies



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