Can we commit suicide? Maharashtra farmers write letter asking permission from government


Seven debt-ridden farmers in Maharashtra’s Wardha district have reportedly sought a green signal from the local administration to commit suicide and end their woes. The group of seven farmers also includes three women.

“The situation has become so bad that these seven peasants have approached the district officials requesting their green signal to end their lives,” said Kishore Tiwari, president of the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, an NGO working on farmers’ rights.

Kishore Ingale, Bhanudas Wadadkar, Pankaj Gawande, Shankar Khadse, and the women farmers – Kundabai Lonkar, Kamala Warhade and Vasanta Gingavkar – from Wadad village have been taking rounds in visiting the local administrative authorities for aid promised by the Maharashtra government, but in vain.

The farmers wrote letters around 10 days ago and simply submitted them to the local tehsildar, seeking their “clearance” to commit suicide. They even got an official acknowledgement from the amused local officers, who then sent the documents to the collector’s office, from where the farmers got another acknowledgement.

Government norms prescribe an aid of Rs 4000 per head for farmers in case of crop losses suffered due to various reasons.

“For over six months, the money remains locked up in bank accounts as the district authorities are not clearing the disbursal. This is now forcing the farmers to write letters and ask for ‘clearance’ before committing suicide,” Tiwari said.

The current dry spell in Maharashtra has damaged about 70 percent of sown crops, and influenced 23 lives to end their lives in the past 12 days.


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    NOTHING TO GET SURPRISED, if anti farmer BJP government accuses AAP that it is indulging the farmers to commit suicide as there is already a PIL

    Martyr status to farmer who committed suicide at AAP rally? Delhi HC seeks reply from Centre

    May be there could be another point of indulgence because,

    AAP Maharashtra provides financial aid to children of farmers who committed suicide

    The matter of the fact remains, with 3,146 farmers suicide, Maharashtra, India’s richest state, tops the grim list for the 12th year in a row. The state alone has accounted for an alarming 60,750 farm suicides since 1995.

    Lots of dramas are yet to unfold in Maharashtra after Devendra Fadnavis’ minority BJP government has won a confidence motion by “Voice Vote” in the Maharashtra Assembly by taking the support of those allegedly criminal politicians keeping aside the question of morality and propriety.


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