Campus revolution under Smriti Irani, BHU to hire experts to teach students about ill-effects of western culture


As part of the ongoing ‘revolution’ across campuses under Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani, the Banaras Hindu University has come up with ‘path-breaking’ idea to arm its students with incredibly enlightening knowledge i.e. the evils of western culture.

If the Indian Express report is anything to go by, then the university, which has 33,000 students enrolled for various courses, is all set to include a special orientation campaign to make students aware of the “ill-effects of western culture” as part of its ongoing year-long centennial celebrations.

BHU’s Public Relation Officer Rajesh Singh told the newspaper that the campaign’s objective was “to make students aware of what is right and what is wrong.”

The idea is a brainchild of the university Vice Chancellor, GC Tripathi, who blames the western phenomena such as the Valentine’s Day celebrations for many prevalent evils in Indian society.

Tripathi said that Valentine’s Day should not be celebrated on the BHU campus as it formed part of the western culture.

Teams of professors have been entrusted with the responsibilities to visit hostels classes and any areas on the campus, where students gather to lecture them on moral values ethics.

What’s more, the university has sought the services of ‘non-BHU intellectuals’ , who will frequently dine with students in the hostels and visit them for orientation

Singh said that vulnerable students would also be urged to “remain alert” about the ill-effects of the western culture such as “live-in relationships” and “misuse of Internet.”

“A skill development centre has also been established where students will be taught about Yoga, meditation and personality development,” the university PRO was quoted by the paper.


  1. One can only pity the HRD minister not so much for attitude against western culture, but for the measures being taken to prevent its spread, which look very ineffective.

  2. I pity the students who will have to endure such nonsense for years.

    I pity the faculty who do not have the option the students have , that they will be rid of this nonsense once they have completed their studies there.

    We are going back to the Dark Ages.


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