Call Arvind Kejriwal at 11 on Valentine’s Day as AAP govt completes 1 year in office


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has released phone numbers asking Delhiites to call him from 11 as his government completes one year in office.

Kejriwal took to twitter informing that he will make ‘some announcements’ on Sunday.

He said, “Today, at 11 am, Delhi govt will make some announcements, which will benefit lakhs of people in Delhi”

The Delhi CM also said repeated his earlier announcement that he along with his cabinet colleagues intended to take calls from ordinary public for two hours.

He said, “Do u hv any Q from Del govt? I, alongwith my cabinet, will directly answer ur Qs. Call at 011-41501367, 41501383, 23346658 betn 11AM to 1 pm. (sic)”


Last  week, Kejriwal had said that his government will give an ‘account of work’ on 14 February.

He also thanked people of Delhi for they way they had fallen in love with Aam Aadmi Party promising the ‘bonding’ to be ‘deep and everlasting.

He said, “Last year, on this day, Delhi fell in love with AAP. This bonding is deep and everlasting.”


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