Burqa-clad woman molested in Bengaluru


After the shameful incident of mass molestation on New Year’s eve was reported, on Friday, another woman was molested in Bengaluru.

The burqa-clad woman was on her way to work early in the morning when she was attacked by a man. She is reported to have received several injuries on her legs, arms and tongue. Speaking to NDTV, the woman said she was grabbed and pinned to the ground. The attacker ran away when the barking street dogs raised an alarm. She was then taken to the hospital by the residents of the area. The incident took place in North Bengaluru’s KG Haali.

Although the police have launched a search for the suspect, no arrests have been made as yet.

Burqa-clad woman molested

On 3 January, SP MLA Azmi reacted to the incident New Year’s eve by blaming half clad woman for molestation.

“The more the nudity, the more a girl is considered fashionable. Ants will swarm the place where sugar is,” Azmi said.

On 6 January, Congress’s Hasiba Amin too reacted to the aforementioned incident by blaming the culture of rape and casual sexism in India for such incidents.


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