Post mortem report out in Delhi’s 11 family members’ mysterious death case, religious ritual angle also being probed


A horrific incident of 11 members of the same family being found dead shook Delhi on Sunday (1 July). The post-mortem report of six family members who were found dead in North Delh’s Burari area, has been revealed by a panel of doctors.

The six people died due to asphyxiation, no sign of struggle and also, no ante-mortem injuries were found on the bodies, reported Times Now. The report also revealed no physical injuries except ligature marks were seen on the body. The report also confirmed that the elderly woman whose body was found on the ground was strangled to death.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate(SDM) of Civil Lines, BK Jha, has submitted his report to the crime branch. The report by the SDM suggests the family was indulged in occult practice. The family used to perform occult practice on the basis of books, they had also met a few occult but no name of anyone has been mentioned.

The post-mortem was conducted at Maulana Azad Hospital. The report of rest of the members to be conducted today and reports would be out soon. The bodies of 11 members to be cremated today by 5 pm.

Meanwhile, police are probing all angles including whether the family may have committed the mass suicide as part of a religious practice.

“Prima facie, we suspect they committed suicide but we are also investigating the case with other possible angles of homicide. We are not ruling out anything. We are also checking the CCTV footages,” news agency IANS quoted Joint Commissioner of Police Rajesh Khurana was quoted as saying.

This was after police recovered some hand-written notes from the house giving rise to suspicion that the family may have been observing some religious rituals.

The victims’ neighbours described the family as very religious, who had no enmity with anyone. However, the cops have confirmed that at least one person, the oldest lady in the house, was strangled to death.


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