BSNL website hacked by Anonymous India, demands action against Reliance


BSNL’s website has been hacked by ‘anonymous India’ which said that it was doing so to expose the weakness in the security of the website.

The hackers added a new page to the BSNL’s domain name by adding tj before the its URl.

It also posted key demands before the government of India. They are as follows.

2) Demand government to take action against TRAI for their stupidity of releasing million Email IDs, helping spammers & violating your very own IT laws.

3) Demand government to take action against Reliance sending unencrypted data to China via their Jio Chat app.

4) Demand government (RS Prasad) to stop moving towards a licensing regime. We are watching your every move on net neutrality.

5) Demand government to shut down all surveillance projects like CMS & RS Prasad’s interception of phone calls before it is too late. Also release all details in public of whose phone calls have been tapped & are under surveillance.

6) Demand government (DoT) to unblock all websites & put an end to internet censorship.

7) Demand government to take action against NIC for trying to change history. Wikipedia is not your medium to promote lies & propagandas.

Do not start what you can’t stop. We already have our hands in most of government servers. | Lastly thanks BSNL for publishing this awakening telecommunication journal. We have made the best use of your crap site. U mad bro?” (sic)

The hacked page continues to play a music in the background which says, “We Are Anonymous , We Are Legion , We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget , Expect Us !”

The same group had hacked the BSNL’s website way back in 2012 to lodge its protest against what it said was against section 66 A of the IT Act and in support of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi.



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