Delhi Police chief BS Bassi turns poetic after meeting PMO officials


Delhi police commissioner BS Bassi on Wednesday said that he had enough evidence against the arrested leader of the Jawaharlal University students’ union.

Talking to reporters after meeting Prime Minister’s Office officials, Bassi said, ”

“Hamara rawaiyya hamesha qaanoon ke mutabiq hota hai, we’ve always been impartial. We’ve never acted with biases or prejudices. Those who’ve been arrested were done so for the right reasons.

“When I say we have sufficient evidence against Kanhaiya Kumar, you have only two choices. Either you believe me or you don’t. Just wait till he’s produced before the Patiala House Court. Everything will be clear then.”

When asked what action he was pursuing against the BJP MLA, OP Sharma, all he said was this, “Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya.”

He said that those who were pointing fingers at me were naasamajh (naive).

Bassi has come under scathing attack because of the perceived appalling conduct, or the lack of it, of his forces in the face of brutal attacks against journalists, students and politicians belonging to communist parties on Monday.





  1. Meeting with PM after a long time. Seems to be in good mood. PMO must have first commended him for keeping on the agenda of making AAP null and void. He is a good double agent.

  2. Now we know – it was a promotion – he is to be the CIC Chief Information Commissioner. Another institution to be run to ground.


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