British who voted to leave EU are now repenting their decision


If you thought voters in India were only susceptible to be taken for a ride by cunning politicians with campaign based on utter lies, think again.

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In United Kingdom, with almost 100% literacy rate and more exposure to goings on of the world and domestic politics, voters are fast realising their mistake.

This after their decision sent the world economy into a frenzy not seen for many years in the past and devaluation of pound not experienced since 1985.


A Google trend data has revealed that just when the ‘Leave’ campaign was busy celebrating its historic victory, British people were frantically searching for meaning and definition of EU and its impact on their lives.

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It’s a clear sign that many of those who voted to leave the EU may have simply fallen victim to the scare-mongering campaign by the Euro sceptics.

One woman told Britain’s ITV news channel, “Even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and I just — the reality did actually hit me. If I’d had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”

Her realisation may have come little too late after Prime Minister David Cameron decided to resign making way for his successor in October, when the new PM will trigger Article 50 to start negotiation process on Britain’s exit from the EU.

Ryan Williams, 19, a photography student from London who voted to leave the European Union, told “I feel horrible. I didn’t realise so many people my age thought it was a bad idea. I thought change would be fun, now the pound is dropping I really regret it!

“I hesitated for about a minute at the polling station and wasn’t sure at all on what to vote. My friend voted remain so I just thought they’ll counteract.”

He said that ‘I feel sick and wish we remained. I hate myself.’

Many took to Twitter to express their regrets.

Google Trends, which monitors the most searched items on its search engine, said that hours after the results were made public, the searches for “what happens if we leave the EU” had more than trebled.

It appears that a sizeable proportion of British population had no clue what implication the leaving or staying in EU had on their lives.


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