Bride divorced in Maharashtra 48 hours after marriage for failing ‘virginity test’


A man in Mahrashtra has divorced his wiffe barely 48 hours getting married to her because, according to him, the woman had failed ‘virginity test.

The news has sent shockwaves across the western Indian state. The development assumes significance because the village panchayat in Nashik district allegedly colluded with the husband to heap public insults on the woman.

A report in Times of India said that a day after the wedding on 22 May, the caste panchayat allegedly offered the man a white bedsheet and asked him to return it soon after the marriage had been consummated.

The man returned the next day showing that there were no blood stains on the bedsheet. The panchayat, which is outlawed in Mahrashtra, ruled in favour of the husband allowing him to terminate the relationship.

Social workers Ranjana Gavande and Krishna Chandgude told the paper that the bride had been preparing for physical tests for recruitment in the police force, which entailed running, long jump, cycling and other exercises.


They’ve now threatened to file a police complaint if no “amicable solution” was reached after a meeting with the caste leaders on Thursday.


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