BREAKING: We’re sorry we didn’t report earlier, Shaktiman the horse is doing fine


We’ve been pointed out by our audience that ignoring a phenomenon linked to Shaktiman in India is not a good editorial decision. Whether it’s the iconic TV character played by Mukesh Khanna or the Uttarakhand’s 14-year-old horse, who was allegedly beaten by a BJP MLA, Ganesh Joshi.

Although, it’s wrong to say that we didn’t provide coverage to the atrocity committed to the celebrity horse of Uttarakhand, I concede that didn’t flash the following headlines as done by other media outlets and we are profusely apologetic about it!

  • Police Horse (injured during BJP protest in Dehradun) medical report: Operation successful. But there is a need of careful post operative care
  • Police Horse (Dehradun) medical report: Dr.Arup Das.Professor,GB Pant Univ,(veterinary surgery) & his team of 4 doctors operated for 3 hrs.
  • Operation has been successful. His multiple fractures were fixed using external fixation: Sadanand Date, SSP
  • Police horse which got injured during BJP’s protest march, given medical assistance in Dehradun.
  • Chief Minister Harish Rawat inquires about health of the horse who was hit by BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi.
  • Case is being registered against the BJP MLA (Ganesh Joshi) and some others-Dehradun SSP Sadanand Date
  • It is seen in the video footage that the horse was hit by the MLA (Ganesh Joshi)-Dehradun SSP Sadanand Date

And to redeem ourselves we’ve decided to provide our share of coverage on Shaktiman the horse. And here are our headlines.

  • Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat visited stable to see Police horse which got injured during BJP’s protest march on Monday
  • Doctors say that Shaktiman won’t require amputation and will be able to walk by April end.
  • We have put an external skeletal fixator with bilateral side bars on Shaktimaan’s leg under general anaesthesia, says doctors treating Shaktiman.
  • Shaktimaan’s rider Ravinder Singh stayed put during the surgery
  • 5′ 8” white horse was bought by Uttarakhand Police in 2006 for Rs 95,000
  • BJP people losing all sensitivity, alleges Congress
  • Congress is worried over the huge protest rally by BJP, counters leaders from the saffron party
  •  Clearly, the poor horse has become the centre of a bitter political fight in Uttarakhand.

That’s it for now. We promise to bring more update as soon as we get any.


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