BREAKING: Gujarat BJP MLA reportedly meets Arvind Kejriwal, may defect to AAP


In a significant development on Saturday, Gujarat BJP MLA, Nalin Kotadiya, reportedly met Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal in Gujarat, where the latter is on a visit to the state.

According to sources, Kotadiya held talks with Kejriwal at Rajkot Circuit House. One close aide of AAP leader said that the BJP MLA may join AAP soon.

If indeed this happens, this will be the first big jolt to the ruling BJP in the state, where it has been in power for nearly 15 years.

One AAP leader accompanying Kejriwal claimed that many BJP and Congress MLAs particularly from north Gujarat were in touch Kejriwal.

Among the BJP MLAs are predominantly those belonging to Patidar community, which hs been agitating over reservation.

Patidars were believed to have thought of forming their own political outfit ahead of next year’s elections, but are now seriously considering joining AAP in a bid to oust the BJP government.

Kejriwal, who hasn’t made up his mind over whether to contest elections in Gujarat, may take a call after measuring the level of support he receives these MLAs.

Meanwhile, kickstarting AAP’s campaign for the 2017 Gujarat assembly polls, Kejriwal today asked the people to get rid of “hooligans” and “corrupt” persons.

Kejriwal, who is on a day-long visit to the state, visited the famous Somnath temple here and sought blessings of Lord Shiva. Thereafter, while addressing a gathering of farmers on the outskirts of Somnath city, he targeted the BJP governments at the Centre and the state.

“We will have to fight these goondas (hooligans). These goondas do not understand without a fight…Now, media will say that Kejriwal’s language is bad. But you need to tell a goonda that he is a goonda,” he said.

“These media-persons are asking me if I will fight the elections in Gujarat. I say that we are very small people and do not have the capacity to fight elections. It is for the people of Gujarat to decide whether we should fight elections here,” Kejriwal said.

He went on to ask the gathering if we should fight the elections to which those present answered in the affirmative.

Reacting to that, Kejriwal said, “If you want me to fight, you will have to give money, you will have to go to each house and seek votes. We will together teach a lesson to these corrupt people,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal’s scheduled visit to Surat tomorrow had to be cancelled after a trade body, which had invited him, withdrew its invitation, following which the AAP had alleged that this was at the behest of state BJP government.

The AAP leader accused Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel of getting the Surat programme cancelled.

“My original programme of Gujarat was of two days.

Today we were to visit Somnath and tomorrow we had meeting scheduled in Surat. But Anandibenji put undue pressure on businessmen in Surat and got our programme cancelled. I don’t know why Anandibenji is afraid of me,” Kejriwal said.

“Anandiben can stop my meeting of Surat. But she cannot stop my meeting with Lord Shiva, so I decided to come to Gujarat for a meeting with Lord Shiva here,” he said.

Like in Delhi, they are using the police to suppress the voice of those who are against them. In their view, only those who follow the ideology of BJP are patriots while all other are anti-nationals, he said.

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  1. This janta ka reporter seems to be a mouthpiece of aam aadmi party. Alike contradiction of aam aadmi party being party of khas aadmi this janta ka reporter is also kejriwal ka khas reporter.???….भाई कुत्ता पाल लो, बिल्ली पाल लो पर ग़लतफ़हमी ना पालो, भविष्य कष्टकारी हो जाता है. This arvind kejriwal is over ambitious and time has come of he getting slapped harder by public of other states very soon with unprecedented defeat…just wait and watch….??

    • BJP and its supporters are so scared. They only want they everyone should sing in their praises no matter what they do. They do not like to be questioned.

  2. I am Senthil Kumar from TN. When Arvind will come down to TN is our aspiration. We are willing to do everything for Arvind to succeed in Politics to change Indian political system which has been plagued for several years. We will give even life for Arvind to succeed in this country.

    • no need to give life bro, u just have to vote for them, raise awareness of AAP in TN, become AAP volunteer, AAP has official page for TN also join it, just imagine AAP ruling TN i.e. entire power will be in the hands of people of TN, no more corruption, no more gunda raaj of karunanidhi and aunty jaya

  3. These AAP people should be ignored. They are enjoying lavish lifestyle with public money . They are selfish and hypocrites and antirational . Those who join them grease their palm with public money.

    • you are talking about BJP/Congress/Remaining Fraud Partys of Different states. NOT AAP, AAP is giving public money to public!!!! stupid fellow

      • they are paying Public Money to public in the form of ads and jai-jai kar of Kejriwal. Stupids you think you can fool entire country. Not everyone is from Delhi.

  4. Arvind is over ambitious for our country, he has no intention of amassing wealth as of now. This is a big difference between the Modi administration that refuses to even appoint a Lok Pal, lest their criminals get taken in.

  5. Yatin Oza timing of disclosure of secret meeting between Amit Shah and I was is laughable. If he had a conscience he should have gone public then. What if several innocents would have died ? What is the point of writing letter to Kejriwal NOW? He is an advocate, he should have dragged both of them to court and exposed legally. He seems to have been sidelined by BJP and is seeking a respectful exit from BJP and royal entry in AAP. BJP is likely to lose because of Patidar movement and he wants to be on winning side.

    He is having confidence that AAP shall eliminate corruption and goondaism from Gujarat. Well, he seems to have worn blinders when Kejriwal hugged scam convict Lalu on a public platform.

    Oza, good luck to you. But remember, you too will get sucked and trashed once the purpose is served. AAP has done away with its original team after getting into Power. You have shown how loyalty can change…thru’ letter….you did not seem fit to write to Modi or Amit Shah or Owasi….and chose to chisel out your future career through Opportunism. How you yourself are a different kind of a politician ?

    Gujarat is in trouble and may not win 2019. Rats leave the ship at earliest signs of sinking !! Anyways, good luck again. Hope you are able to do something good for country besides politics !!!!

  6. AAP will surely win in Gujarat & BJP loss will be only & only due to Modi’s highest ego. Modi has suppressed all the people, & public is fad up with uneducated & uncultured Modi who is without vision & story maker.


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