Flower pot thrown at PM Modi’s convoy in Delhi


A woman threw a flower-pot at the convoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday moments after it passed Vijay Chowk in Delhi.

The woman, Neena Rawal, a resident of Sahibabad in UP, was apprehended by policemen stationed there.

News agency ANI reported that the woman in question refused to clear the path of PM’s route, picked up a flower pot and hurled at the PM’s convoy at South Block.

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It’s not clear why the woman resorted to such an extraordinary step.

But, according to some media reports, Rawal was ‘hurt’ not getting response from the PMO despite her repeated attempts to seek audience.

However, her parents have reportedly told the Parliament Square police station  that Rawal, a victim of molestation in Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh,  suffered from schizophrenia.

More to follow

(Photos- ANI)


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