Blog- “If Anupam Kher is looking for political patronage, he can get it without dragging Kashmir into it”


Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor

Media channels in India have started adding fuel to fire against against Kashmiri Muslims by declaring their every action to reaction as anti India. Many senile, non-significant and publicity seekers too are trying to grab every chance to become super-heroes by exhibiting the stupidest way of patriotism and, in turn, potentially working towards the country to disintegrate.

How can it be considered true patriotism that has at its heart the intention of tearing apart communities, faiths, sects or families?

This all with a sole agenda of gaining political patronage. How pathetic!

One such example is Bollywood spent-force, Anupam Kher, who claims to be of Kashmiri origin, which he is not, has recently been trying hard to seek publicity through his anti-Kashmiri and anti-Muslim rants.

This is primarily to earn confidence of the RSS’ political leadership that has already bestowed upon him many favours or fortunes including recent Padma award.

I think Kher needs to be air-dropped in Kollam, where blood, care and volunteers are immediately needed for wounded people. It is a big tragedy and firecrackers have killed more than hundred people.

Jammu and Kashmir is fully capable to handle NIT issue created by miscreants to malign state institutions. If Kher is looking for any political patronage, he will get it without dragging Kashmir into it. Enough damage has been done to Kashmir by few self declared sons of soil who leave no chance to tarnish the image of Kashmiri Muslims on paid channels. So stop it now.

The NIT in Jammu and Kashmir was running smoothly, not only accommodating hundreds of students from other parts of India but playing good host to them by providing them with all comforts and pleasures of student life.

It is an established fact that Kashmiri youth have always been cricket lovers and often supported Pakistani team more than India.  The Indian government has been fully aware of the reasons behind it.

Likewise, non local students supported Indian team and nobody has any business to deny them this right. But few miscreants wanted to make this into big issue and created rift between Kashmiri and non Kashmiri students.

This, to everybody’s surprise has been blown to such an extent that right-wing students of different universities planned their adventure of unfurling tricolour at NIT Srinagar.

Isn’t it laughable? Unfurling tricolour wouldn’t make Kashmiri more Indian or patriotic. The sentiment of nationalism doesn’t come by force. It has to be inculcated by love and respect. The need of the hour is to make efforts to win their hearts and minds.

Anupam Kher’s role here looks nothing more than laughable. He’s exhausted every opportunity to gain political mileage out of this misadventure. What does it do? His politics of hatred targetted against one community only caused more anger and hatred among Kashmiris against India.

Last three decades of unabated violence and violations of human rights have only alienated people who otherwise needed healing touch policy. That is what the local government wants to do: to reassure people and gain their confidence in Indian democracy.

But, the right-wing politicians want to impose upon them the religious bigotry with high handedness that has no relevance left in the present political set up.

Peoples Democratic Party is no doubt in alliance with Bhartiya Janata Party, but that should not be considered as weakness of the PDP.

Any misadventure by any miscreant including Anupam Kher or his masters will not prevent PDP from taking bold decision. If action by miscreatnts goes against the people of state, there will be no compromise at all.

The state government is is in full control of law and order and is capable of taking steps necessary to establish peace and prosperity in the state.

The timely decision of stopping Anupam Kher or over zealous right wing students to enter the valley on Sunday has put halt to this religious fanaticism and government should not leave any chance to let anybody come and claim patriotism at the expense of undermining Kashmir or its population.

A former BBC journalist, Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor, is now the chairperson of Women’s Commission in Jammu and Kashmir. Views expressed here are the author’s own and doesn’t subscribe to them 



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