BJP’s Swami Chinmayanand confesses to almost all charges including receiving naked body massage, escapes rape charge


Three-term BJP MP and a former junior home minister of India, Swami Chinmayanand, has sensationally confessed to almost all allegations made against him. Speaking to reporters, the Supreme Court-appointed SIT chief Naveen Arora said that Swami had also confessed to receiving body massages.

This was after several videos showed Chinmayanand receiving body massages while lying naked on a bed. Arora said, “He accepted his presence (in the video). He accepted receiving a massage. Rest of the cases have been made against him based circumstantial and other digital evidence.” According to Arora, Chinmayanand said that he was ashamed of his action.

Chinmayanand was arrested on Friday and sent to jail for 14 days. However, he’s not been charged with rape but a lesser charge of ‘misusing authority for sexual intercourse’ or ‘sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape.’ If proven guilty, he may face up to five years in jail. Had he been charged with rape, his possible sentencing would be longer jail time.

The police have charged three men known to the girl for extortion adding that they suspected the law student to be involved but efforts were underway to gather more evidence against her.

The girl told NDTV that this was ‘no justice.’ She said, “I already told the (police) in details how I was raped and yet he has not been charged with rape. This has played out exactly as I feared. I do not know what the planning is behind Chinmayanand’s arrest. I have nothing to do with the extortion case.”

The law student in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh had alleged that she was repeatedly raped and blackmailed by Chinmayanand for over a year. The 23-year-old student from Shahjahanpur, who studied at the law college run by the rape-accused Chinmayanand, had gone to court amidst heavy security to record her statement on Monday.

The Uttar Pradesh Police had booked Chinmayanand, who has denied charges of rape,  under Sections 364 (kidnapping or abducting in order to murder) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC on 27 August based on the father’s complaint.

The girl had gone missing after releasing a video against Chinmayanand, who’s also the president of the law college’s management committee. She was later traced in Rajasthan on 30 August. She was later produced before the top court, which directed the Uttar Pradesh government to set up a special investigation team to ‘address her grievances.’

The girl’s father had said that he was under pressure from the police to change his complaint. This had prompted many to draw a parallel to the infamous gang-rape case against BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar. The BJP was forced to expel Sengar from the party reluctantly after the Supreme Court took a dim view of the rape victim’s suspicious road accident last month.


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