Revealed: Sangeet Som is ‘director’ in halal beef company


Like many of his BJP colleagues, riot accused fire-brand leader of the saffron brigade, Sangeet Som, may publically oppose beef slaughter but behind the scene, he’s one of the directors in a company that claims to produce ‘finest quality of halal buffalo, goat and sheep’ meat in Uttar Pradesh.

Sangeet Som affidavit

A report published in Hindistan Times said that Som, along with two others, had purchased land for a meat processing unit in Aligarh in 2009. The documents also reveal that Som, who is one of the directors of Al Dua Food Processing Private Limited along with Moinuddin Qureshi and Yogesh Rawat, had bought land for the company.

He, however, denied any knowledge of being a director in the company while admitting that he indeed had bought the land.

“I purchased the land which was sold to Al Dua Food Processing Private Limited after a few months,” he was quoted.

Som said he was a proud Hindu and will quit politics if his association with the company is proved.

“I am a Hindu hardliner hence there is no chance of getting involved in activities which are against my religion,” said Som.

The latest revelation will embarrass Som and his party bosses, who have always opposed consumption and sale of beef in India. While visiting Dadri, in the aftermath of a Muslim’s murder based on runours that he stored and ate beef, Som had accused the UP government of protecting the cow killers.

When contacted, an executive from Al Dua told that he had no knowledge of Sangeet Som being in the board of directors.

” As far as I know, other than Mr Qureshi, his two sons are the remaining directors,” he said.

Some other reports suggested that he sat on the board of directors between 2005 and 2008.



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