BJP’s plan in UP is to communalise atmosphere, get votes: Sachin Pilot


Congress today hit out at ruling BJP over a statement by a leader of the saffron party about building the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, saying its real agenda in Uttar Pradesh was to get votes through communalisation.

“In UP elections their hidden agenda has come to fore again. UP BJP president has said if we (BJP) are voted to power we will construct the temple,” former union minister Sachin Pilot said here, speaking to reporters.

“For the last 28 years we have been hearing about the Ram temple. Every time election comes they talk about the temple.

The real agenda of BJP is to communalise (atmosphere) and get votes and then do what they want to do,” Pilot said.

The Congress leader said in the coming elections in five states, voters will take a stock of what BJP had promised in 2014 and what it had done so far.

“Demonetisation will certainly have impact on the elections,” Pilot said, adding there would be “subconscious thinking of what demonetisation has done to our economy”.

“97 per cent of the (demonetised) money is back in the banks, where is the black money? Why are you not taking action against those people who have fled the country with thousands of crores and you are (instead) hitting out at daily wagers, farmland labourers, small entrepreneurs,” he said.

The Prime Minister was involved in a “one-way dialogue”, he said. “India wants to know what happened to his promises of curbing black money, terrorism, extremism (through demonetisation). In two weeks it (narrative) completely changed to internet banking, e-banking and other things.

“There is absolutely no accountability, the RBI governor has become a mute spectator. Credibility of Indian banking system, Indian currency and RBI, which is a well-known institution, today has no standing. PM is making all decisions about all departments. Centralisation of power is so strong that there is no collective leadership,” he alleged.


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