BJP’s infighting gets uglier, Shatrughan Sinha says no one has guts to give them ‘fatkaar’


The BJP MP, Shatrughan Sinha has hit out at the party leadership, once again demanding the responsibility to be fixed for the electoral drubbing in Bihar.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, Sinha said that the camouflage of collectively responsibility was unacceptable and those responsible must satisfy the questions raised by the likes of LK Advani, MM Joshi and Yashwant Sinha.

He said, “The camouflage of “collective responsibility” is unacceptable. Responsibility must be fixed on individuals for corrective actions.Those responsible for the debacle must answer what, why, where & how it all happened. They must satisfy the real stalwarts/veterans of BJP.”

The BJP veterans had written to party leadership asking for individuals to own up responsibility for Bihar loss.

Sinha hit out at those leaders who warned of disciplinary action against him and other leaders who had demanded accountability for the party’s poor performance in the just concluded assembly elections.

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He said, ” It’s just bravado of the ill advised to talk of action. The time is for reaction, understanding, apology & satisfaction of party godfathers. Some vested interests are still at it…refusing to learn any lessons, still working on creating misunderstandings through misinformation.”

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The actor-turned-politician described fellow MP and party colleague, RK Singh, sher (lion) of Bihar saying no one had guts to give them public dressing down.

He said, “R K Singh, former Home Secy.& a proud Bihari Sher (a tough nut to crack) is right. No one has the guts (or DNA) to give us a “fatkaar.”

In the just concluded assembly elections, the BJP-led alliance had managed to win less than 60 of the total 243 seats. Nitish Kumar-led alliance had won 179 seats.


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    मीडिया,नेता,लोकसेवको ज़रा सोचो,देश बचेगा
    तो आप बचोगे.देश की भोली-भाली जनता की भावनाओ से मत खेलो.सत्य,न्याय की स्थापना के लिए सब कुच्छ भी करो.वरना देश डूबने के
    कगार पर खड़ा है. देशद्रोहियो,भ्रष्टाचारियो
    को संसद से कोसो दूर दफ़न करदो ताकि
    लोकतंत्र के मंदिर पर इनकी काली छाया भी न पड़े. सत्य और न्याय के मलिक की जय हो.

  2. by the by Shatrughan ji should let us know what has been his contribution to his party since joining.who has helped him win the Patna sahib seat or all by himself? his lust for power n position has landed him in a state of dejected mind.he should have raised any issue in the proper forum and not through media.he should quit the party and speak out,that is a better option for him.


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