BJP veteran Shatrughan Sinha praises Congress President Rahul Gandhi, takes a dig at PM Modi


Former Union Minister and BJP MP, Shatrughan Sinha, has once again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actor-turned-politician also praised Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Shatrughan Sinha

Sinha took to twitter to write, “It’s not at all becoming of the PM of 130 crore countrymen to make mocking definitions of another national political party in any election.The hon’ble PM sounds like he’s trying to teach abbreviations of words to KG children. Sir, the entire country isn’t a school.”

“Making such definitions (PPP-Punjab,Pondicherry & Parivar) is a form of petty politics & proves a fear of falling & failing. Elections cannot be won with this “ART”, rather it is won by winning over “HEARTS” of people – with or without the most talked about & feared EVMs,” he added.

“People expect at least a mature & analytical growth based speech from you Sir, if nothing more. It appears that you are the only registrd authority to hold & retain the highest chair! We too raised slogans till you got into the chair with our promotion, protection & projection,” Sinha wrote.

The former Union Minister continued, “Sir, you received our full support along with full media support & now you are raising slogans so that it isn’t taken over?What’s wrong if the President of biggest, oldest National Party sees the possibility & wishes to be next PM..if he wins the upcoming elections?”

Sinha continued by praising Congress President Rahul Gandhi, “Sir. He is popular with the general public & very much liked by them. Anybody can dream & dreams would only come true if you dream. As said earlier, to become the PM one needs no qualification or special wisdom.”

“Anybody can become PM in our democracy. Naamdar, Kaamdar, Daamdar or for that matter any average Samajhdar, if he has the numbers & support. Why are we making such a hue and cry about it? After all isn’t it their internal matter & any PMship has to be through verdict of majority.” he argued.

Taking a dig at the Modi-led BJP government, Sinha claimed, “By the way, the president of the oldest party has really matured in last few years & has been raising some pertinent question which we are refusing to answer or even entertain. The Neerav/the Lalit/ the Mallyas/the Bank/the Raffael deal & so on.”

This is not the first time that Shatrughan Sinha has targeted PM Modi and his own party. He has been quite vocal in criticising PM Modi and the BJP on many issues.



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