BJP supporters poking fun at daughter’s death: Hurt Digvijay Singh blames their ‘upbringing and sanskars’


Veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh has blamed the ‘sanskars’ and upbringing of those BJP supporters, who made fun of his daughter’s death by posting offensive tweets during their hours of tragedy.


On Saturday, had first reported how the supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hurled offensive tweets making fun of the tragic passing away of a young girl.

After our report, while some deleted the offensive tweets, others remained remorseless and even defended their action.

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The former Madhya Pradesh chief minister on Sunday tweeted, “Some of the Modi Bhakts have also been very kind to me to post some very offensive postings ! Not their fault it only shows their training up bringing and Sanskars ! May God give wisdom to them and their political masters.”

Singh also thanked his well wishers for sharing the grief of his family by conveying their condolences.

He wrote, “I am grateful to all those who have conveyed their condolences on my daughter’s sad demise and shared our grief.”

37-year-old Karnika was suffering from cancer and died on Friday morning.

The last rites of Karnika was performed in Gujarat on Saturday.

While the offensive tweets by BJP supporters highlighted moral bankruptcy for them and their party, there were many who criticised the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for not acting enough against individuals, who committed such acts.


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