BJP supporters clap as Haryana chief minister says women fake rape charges because they have fight with male friends


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has sensationally blamed women for faking rape charges saying that they do so only after fight with boyfriends. Speaking at an event in the state, Khattar made light of growing incidents of crimes against women under his government.

Haryana chief minister

The video of Khattar poking fun at sexual assaults on women has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, Khattar is heard saying that there were no truth in reports of the number of rape incidents growing. He said that rapes happened even in the past and ‘they are happening now.’ “Only our concerns for the crime have increased,” said the chief minister.

He then added, “The biggest concern is that 80-90% of the rape and molestation cases take place between those who know each other. In many cases, they roam around together for a long time and one day they have a fight, and the girl files an FIR saying that she has been raped.” His last sentence is greeted by plenty of clapping by from the audience listening to his speech.

Khattar’s comments evoked instant condemnation on social media both from users and his political rivals. Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress’s head of communications, called his statement ‘anti-women’ and asked him to apologise. Surjewala wrote, “Anti-Women’ Mindset of Khattar Govt Exposed! Haryana CM Khattarji makes an utterly condemnable remark- “Most girls who interact with boys,get raped,80% rape happen with consent” Blaming Women for complete failures to control Rapes & Gangrapes?Deplorable! CM should apologise.”

Khattar is know for making controversial statements on rapes despite Haryana becoming notorious for growing number of crimes against women under his government. In 2016, he had termed the case of double murder and gang-rape of two Muslim sisters ‘small issues.’

In 2014, he had blamed women for their choice of dress for being raped by men. He had even taunted women to roam around naked if they could not dress decently.



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