“BJP has suffered a massive jolt in Gujarat, why’s PM Modi silent on Rafale expose?”


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that the results in Gujarat assembly polls were very good for his party.


Speaking to reporters, Rahul said, “Hamare liye kaafi acha result hai, theek hai haar gaye, jeet sakte the, wahan thodi kami hogai (This ia very good result for us. Of course, we lost, but we could have won. We fell short somewhere.)”

Contrary to his reclusive past, the newly elected Congress president on Tuesday chose to answer questions from reporters just hours after his party lost two assembly polls in Gujarat and Himachal.

Rahul said, “I got to know that people in Gujarat do not approve of Modi Ji’s model. The marketing and propaganda is very good but it is hollow from the inside. They could not answer our campaign. 3-4 months back when we went to Gujarat, it was said that Congress could not fight the BJP. We worked hard for 3-4 months and you have seen the results. The BJP has suffered a massive jolt.”

Rahul Gandhi also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for keeping quiet on Rafale fighter jets expose, exclusively published by Janta Ka Reporter.

He said, “Prime Minister Modi hasn’t spoken a single word on Rafale deal and Amit Shah’s son Jay.”

Rahul choosing to take questions even in defeat will earn him many plaudits given that PM Modi has always been criticised for not entertaining journalists’ questions since become India’s prime minister in May 2014. Modi has till date not held any press conferences.

Even on Monday, when his party registered wins in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Modi chose to address the crowd at the BJP’s headquarters in Delhi through one way communication than opting for holding a Q&A with journalists.




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