BJP faces social media ridicule on ND Tiwari as old tweets come to haunt


Social media has been a boon for millions not just in India but people across the world with its explosion causing a revolution in the way we communicate with each other. But, like everything else, this too brings its own share of pitfalls often causing unending misery and shame if not used responsibly.

BJP supporters learnt the adverse effects of Twitter first hand on Wednesday soon after the news of veteran Congress leader, ND Tiwari, joing the saffron party came in.

Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Tiwari joined BJP in the presence of party president Amit Shah in Delhi.

He joined the party, along with his son Rohit Shekhar who has been looking to establish himself politically after being united with his father following a long legal paternity battle.

Tiwari is among the tallest leaders to have come out of Uttarakhand and was the undivided Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister a few times before moving on to become the new state’s chief minister.

Of course many in the saffron brigade were jubilant, but they refused to express their jubilation, as they would do in similar cases on social media. There was a complete silence on social media with usual suspects in the troll army of BJP scurrying for shelter.

There embarrassment primarily emanated from their past actions of subjecting Tiwari to constant ridicule on social media platforms after the veteran leader was involved in paternity test controversy involving his son, Shekhar.

Here are some examples of how the BJP troll army had reacted against Tiwari then.

BJP social media

Amit Malviya, BJP’s head of IT cell, too had slammed Congress in 2012 after reports emerged that Shekhar was about to formally join the party.

His detractors have now dug out his old tweet to embarrass him about. Others too joined the conversation with their own take on the perceived hypocrisy by the BJP.

And poking fun at BJP also included some of its own trolls, who are known for causing grief to critics of saffron party on Twitter. The notable among them was Twitter handle @MediaCrooks.


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