BJP President, Amit Shah, blames personal opinions of individuals on Dadri, Ram Temple and Raghuram Rajan controversies


BJP President, Amit Shah, on Tuesday took questions from media on several contentious issues.

They included the demand by his own leader, Subramanian Swamy to sack the RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan, his party’s attempts to whip up communal tension in Dadri and recent statements by Uma Bharti, a senior cabinet minister in the central government, on the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Those who expected Shah to use the opportunity to admonish the motor-mouth and so-called fringe elements in the saffron party, they were in for surprise.

On Raghuram Rajan, Shah said that the BJP never said that the RBI governor should be removed. If someone has said then its the person’s personal view, said Shah.


The use of personal view came quite handy for Shah while negotiating uncomfortable questions from the reporters.

When a reporter asked him to comment about another hugely controversial and communally charged statement on Dadri lynching made by Sanjeev Balyan, who’s also a minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet, Shah said it his personal opinion.

Sanjeev Balyan, known for his communally divisive and hate politics, had on Monday demanded a probe to find out who all had consumed the cow meat that, according to him, had surfaced outside the house of Mohammad Akhlaq, who was beaten to death by a pro-Hindutva mob eight months ago in Dadri’s Bisara village.

When asked what he made of the VHP leader, Sadhvi Prachi’s statement asking to make India free from Muslims, Shah said that his party had never agreed with her.

He said, “BJP has never agreed with whatever Sadhvi Prachi has said. We do not endorse Sanjeev Balyan’s remarks on Dadri controversy. Our agenda is only development.”

On Ram Mandir too, Shah didn’t commit and said that while his party supported the idea of constructing a temple, it should be done either through consensus or through court’s order.

He said, “There should be a Ram Temple built in Ayodhya but either after a consensus or through court decision.”

On Monday Uma Bharti had described Subramanian Swamy as her hero adding that he had assured her that Ram Temple will be a reality by 2017 in Ayodhya.


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