“BJP has prepared a budget of Rs 500 crore to purchase revolutionaries, but Gujaratis not cheap”


Responding to the sensational Rs 1 crore bribe offer allegedly by the BJP, the Patidar leader in Gujarat, Hardik Patel, has lashed out at the saffron party.

Hardik Patel

In a series of tweets, Patel said that people of Gujarat were not so cheap that the BJP could purchase them with money.

He wrote, “The people of Gujarat are not so cheap that the BJP can purchase. People of Gujarat are being insulted (by BJP). People of Gujarat will avenge this insult. The BJP has prepared a budget of Rs 500 crore to purchase the revolutionaries fighting the establishment. I don’t understand that if they’ve developed the state, then why resort to buying of individuals.”

In another tweet, Patel said that the BJP was fighting the anger of 6 crore people of Gujarat. Businessmen, farmers, people from all walks of life and workers are fed up with the BJP’s autocratic rule.

Patel’s outbursts came hours after a prominent Patidar leader, Narendra Patel, sensationally alleged that he was offered Rs 1 crore by the BJP to join the saffron party. Speaking to reporters on Sunday evening, Narendra Patel also displayed Rs 10 lakh cash that he was allegedly paid as a token money.

On Monday, hurt by the latest development of bribing the Patel leader, BJP’s Nikhil Savani, quit the party. A prominent face of Patidar movement in Surat, Savani had joined the BJP in September.

Savani is believed to close to Patidar leader, Hardik Patel, and is also the Surat convenor of PAAS. He told reporters on Monday, “I heard about BJP offering Rs 1 crore to Narendra Patel and I am very upset. I am, therefore, quitting the party.”



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