BJP MP says farmers’ suicides up under Fadnavis government


A BJP MP from Mahrashtra, Nana Patole, has said that the farmers’ suicides in Mahrashtra had increased under the BJP government led by Devendra Fadnavis. His fresh criticism for his own government comes just days after he sensationally accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not liking to take questions.

farmers suicides
Photo: Indian Express

“Farmers suicides were taking place in the state earlier too but the numbers have risen in these three years,” he was quoted by Indian Express.

Patole added, “People are always mindful of leaders who change stance after assuming positions of power. The chief minister is a friend. And I’m proud of the fact that my friend is now at the helm of the state. But when a friend makes a mistake, I take it as my duty to point it out to him. He should improve and work for the betterment of the people.”

The outspoken BJP MP also supported the Opposition’s demand for far loan waiver for all farmers. He said that the conditions attached to the farm loan waiver scheme were unjust.

Patole also said that he had expressed his displeasure to Fadnavis during his meeting with him on Wednesday over the “extremely insensitive” and “unwarranted” remarks made by the state’s Revenue Minister, Chandrakant Patil.

Patil on Monday had reportedly said that over 10 lakh applications for farm loan waiver were “bogus”.

“How can a minister make such insensitive and baseless remarks is beyond me. Their (the government’s) online portal for the loan waiver has been accepting the applications. How were bogus claimants allowed to apply? Also, the scrutiny of the applications is yet to begin. If such insensitive remarks are made, Nana Patole won’t keep quiet. This has enraged me,” he said.

Earlier this month, Patole had caused a huge political storm when he said that Modi did not like taking questions.

He had said, “Modi doesn’t like to take any questions and had got very angry when I raised some issues about the OBC Ministry and farmer suicides at a meeting of BJP MPs. When Modi is asked questions, he asks you if you have read the party manifesto and are aware of various government schemes.”


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