BJP MLA’s VVIP racism, breaks traffic laws then his men slap cop


In yet another shocking episode of VVIP racism in Uttar Pradesh, a BJP MLA on Tuesday broke traffic laws by taking his car in a one way road before allegedly slapping a cop on duty when he dared to stop his vehicle.

BJP MLA's VVIP racism

The BJP MLA in question is Shriram, who had won from Gohna (Mau) in this year’s assembly elections.

The cop on duty was Prem Shankar, who stopped the MLA’s car after he broke the traffic rules. But far from showing any remorse, the MLA and his aides allegedly insulted the traffic police before even slapping him.

The MLA also reportedly told the cop that his status as the elected representative will allow him to break traffic laws even in future.

The incident took place near Hazratganj crossing of Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Shriram was unavailable for comments.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently asked his colleagues in the BJP to do away with red beacons adding that every Indian was a VIP.

Announcing the red beacon ban, applicable to the prime minister, president and chief ministers as well while exempting emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire brigade, Modi had said that these ‘symbols are out of touch with the spirit of new India.’

“These symbols are out of touch with the spirit of new India,” Modi had said, responding to a tweet by a follower who described as “historic” the decision to prohibit all vehicles, except emergency vehicles, from using beacons from 1 May.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath himself has come under heavy criticism for living a VIP lifestyle since assuming office in the state. He was condemned for visiting a martyr’s family only after his aides had installed AC and special furniture at the house for his comfort. Those facilities were then removed soon after his visit.

On Tuesday, we reported how his administration had installed over a dozen coolers at a hospital in Allahabad. The coolers were once again removed after his visit.

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