BJP MLA warns of ‘satyagraha’ if Raje doesn’t vacate bungalow


Rebel BJP MLA Ghanshyam Tiwari has threatened to hold a ‘satyagraha’ if Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje does not vacate her current bungalow.

BJP MLA warnsTiwari in an open letter to Raje has said that there is still time to vacate public property and move to 8, Civil Lines — government allotted bungalow, failing which he would hold a ‘satyagraha’.

He said that people of the state are disappointed with her (Vasundhara’s) goal to misuse public property for availing life-time luxuries.

“I am amazed with Raje’s silence on the issue who without caring about people’s sentiment is focusing on her desires,” Tiwari said.

Accusing Raje of believing in ‘use and throw’ policy, Tiwari said that she had kept her ministers on front to save herself from legalities.

“Since I have raised the issue of misuse of the state’s public property, I am being pressurised and attacked by your sympathisers. You have kept yourself safe as they will face legal action. They will be used and you will find someone else,” he said.

Earlier, Tiwari on June 8 at a press conference had given a 10-day ultimatum to Vasundhara Raje to either declare her current bungalow as the chief minister’s house or move into the government allotted residence.

He had said that if Raje fails to take decision, he will hold the protest along with members of the Deen Dayal Vahini, a group founded by him.

Tiwari had alleged that to take life-long possession of the bungalow, the Raje government had passed the Rajasthan Ministers Salaries (Amendment) Bill, 2017 in the last Budget Session of the assembly.

Tiwari alleged that the Bill was an attempt to implement “feudalism” in Rajasthan, which he has opposed several times in the Assembly.

Tiwari has been criticising Raje and the BJP leadership after he was served show cause notices last month by the party’s national discipline committee.

The notices were sent after he alleged that the BJP in Rajasthan had become “a place for mafias and sycophants while dedicated, loyal and qualified people had been sidelined”.


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