This BJP MLA wants Hindus in Bengal to repeat Muslim genocide of Gujarat


In a shocking development, a BJP legislator from Goshamahal in Telangana, has called Hindus living in Bengal to repeat the anti-Muslim genocide of Gujarat in 2002, when more than 2,000 people were killed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the state’s chief minister then.
bjp mla repeat genocide gujarat

H Raja Singh, according to a report by ANI, appealed to the community living in West Bengal to respond the way Hindus in Gujarat reacted in 2002.

He said, “Today, Hindus are not safe in the West Bengal state. Hindus in Bengal should respond to people involved in communal violence as Hindus in Gujarat did. Otherwise, soon Bengal will turn into Bangladesh.”

Parts of West Bengal particularly in and around Bashirhat have witnessed communal riots after a 17-year-old boy posted an objectionable photo of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Facebook.

Several BJP leaders have been caught spreading fake photos to whip up communal tension allegedly to polarise Hindu votes. Critics say that the religious polarisation often helps the saffron party, which is desperately seeking to gain foothold in the eastern Indian state.

In April this year, Singh was booked by police in Hyderabad because of hate speech.

He had controversially said that that those who tried to stop construction of the temple are traitors and would be driven out of the country.

The BJP MLA said the ‘mullah sarkar’ has gone in Uttar Pradesh.

“Ab tumhari baap ki sarkar hai (now it’s our own government),” he was quoted by Times of India.



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