BJP MLA from Gorakhpur tells lady IPS officer, ‘don’t cross your limits’


A BJP MLA from Gorakhpur, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s home constituency, told a lady IPS officer not to cross her limits while heaping insults on her. The lady officer was soon left in tears.

bjp mla gorakhpur ips

The video of Dr Radha Mohan Das Agarwal insulting the IPS officer Charu Nigam has now gone viral.

According to reports, a group of women were protesting against the police’s complicity in the sale of illicit liquor near Koilhwa village. Agarwal too arrived at the spot and began heaping insults on the officer.

Repeatedly pointing his fingers at the woman officer, he said, “Main aapse baat nahin kar raha hoon… mujhe tum kuch na batao. Chup raho tum! Bardasht ke bahar mat jao (I am not speaking to you. Don’t tell me anything. You keep quiet. Don’t cross your limits).”

The lady officer said, “I am the officer in charge here. I know what I am doing.”

But this wasn’t enough to pacify the BJP lawmaker.

Agarwal was later quoted by NDTV, “We are against the operation of liquor shops. People were peacefully protesting against the liquor shops, but the woman police officer forcibly removed the protesters and while doing so, she hit a woman and dragged an 80-year-old man. This simply cannot be tolerated.”

This is another sign of lawlessness by supporters of the BJP after Adityanath became the chief minister. Law and order is Uttar Pradesh has experienced a considerable deterioration with the senior BJP lawmakers being responsible for the worsening of situation.

Not so long ago, a BJP MP, Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma, was accused of leading a mob at the house of the then SSP, Love Kumar. Sharma had allegedly traumatised and terrorised the family and children of the senior police officer. The officer was later transferred out of the town allegedly at the behest of Sharma.

The town has since then descended into utter anarchy.


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